Wandering around in Tallinn

“I thought this place was more old school, but it’s actually quite modern, at least in someways” Gun Roswell

Wandering around in Tallinn 

Narrow alleyways
And painted windows
The old town is full of
Perfect hideaways

A church from the past
Should be quite the blast
It was built to last
It may be run down
But hey, this is the old town!

Driving a Lada car
Will probably not get you very far
But most likely
To the nearest bar
Where you are always, the star!

4 thoughts on “Wandering around in Tallinn

  1. Ahhh…. Tallinn, too! I came across a contest to win a bunch of local type goods from Estonia. Maybe I’ll win! That’s another place I’d love to return to. Now, let’s see… I was there in, noooooo, it can’t be, no, it must be a mistake, nope, it’s not… 23 years ago. Where does the time go?!


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