Turn to the sunny side of the Seat

“The sun is shining, well, what did you expect, it’s Sunday after all“ Gun Roswell

Turn to the sunny side of the Seat

Heat radiating from the shiny ball up in the skies, putting on some long awaited smiles, onto those dwellers from the dark, who had been smart enough, to make their way, out from their homestead caves, following the light, shining so brightly. After the long, long time spent inside the cold and humid place, which seemed endless and without the grace of goodness on the side, not even one single blink of light, but now, it was that time of the year again, where all the fear of winters’ wrath, was in the past and the joy of spring and summer soon to follow, leaving none of the hollow. Their minds and bodies filled with a new sense of purpose, and the nature outside growing because of the sunlight filling the skies, would nourish the dwellers of dark for the next six months ahead. And there would be no rest, expect on the Sundays, where all of them could take a day off and simply take their seats, on the sunny side, of the flower filled hills.

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