A buggy ride in the wintry forest

“A horse, a carriage, some snow, a few trees, the road ahead free, certainly a concoction for a fun filled glee”

A buggy ride in the wintry forest

The snowed in forest, in the early morning hours, was a place for not a first choice visit, as the snow covered roads leading to the fields, were a chore, even for a four wheeler, let alone a short kind of bi-pedestrian being. The prospect of getting stuck or buried, in the piles and piles of cold snow which was slowly but surely filling all the land only yesterday seemingly covered with sand, as of now the white crisp blanket of winter had been lain upon all.

Then a soft whinny sounded from the barn just outside, and the lamp above the biped’s head, lit up like the decorated xmas shed, indicating an idea had formed, and perhaps the road ahead, could be more easily thread, in a carriage by a horse led. After all, it was the perfect weather for an excursion out to the wilderness, or at least to the nearby fields, and perhaps have a wintry picnic out there in the cold. 

So feeling bold, packing up a basket and bundling up in warm clothes, taking out the buggy and the four legged equine, the ride ready for the day, hopping in the horse driven sleigh and out there driving, destination not so minding, after all, this was done on the whim, and the snowy rim, simply beckoning for a deep dive in.

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