Bricked walls keeping us safe

“The walls are supposed to keep us all safe, but they can also divide us from the rest of the world, at least, so I have heard, perhaps it’s not so bad after all?“ Gun Roswell

Bricked walls keeping us safe

The ancient stones, dug from deep within the earth, just because, those builders from the past, knew well, that those stones, would so totally last. Erecting the walls of old school structures, making them safe and sound, without any interruptions, and now, even if those stone cutters are long gone, those stones or rather bricks they laid are still standing strong. And there is really nothing wrong, in wanting a monument left behind you, whether that be a statue, a thought or a even building, something of a reminder, of those people who dwelled in those structures, can still be seen inside the heavy built walls, or at least the spirit of them, lingering on, the good kind, or perhaps even haunted ones, still, it does not matter as even today, the people living inside of the walls are feeling safe from the outside dangers lurking, even if they might simply be the imaginary kind, but hey, staying inside, is also fine, especially, when living in history itself, what better place is there really to dwell in, than a bricked laid wall, never failing.

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