There is a blizzard out there

“The weather outside never seizes to amaze me, especially of today” Gun Roswell 

There is a blizzard out there

Nothing too invigorating or more intoxicating than a wet smack across the face as that is as the wet and freshly falling snow in the stormy weather outside is totally the wild thing to see today, as the calm and blissful sunny day, turned around and soon enough we found to be inside of a tumbling around, even howling like a fool in a big and creepy kind of a blizzard, not to be messed about with, but still something extreme in it calling to venture outside, at one’s own peril.

ReL pretty to watch from the inside, but when outside, it will give you a helluva ride, and if getting totally drenched is the way of fun for you, then just get out there in the wild or rather not even too far as the moment the outer door is opened, consider yourself wrapped around in a completely wet blanket, as that is the total sum of the fun you will get from this storm filled weather kind of a day in the middle of another wise sun filled may.

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