Let there be light


“There is always light, at the end of every single road taken, long or short, does not matter as long as you believe it to be so“ Gun Roswell

Let there be light

The great leader had made a tall promise to all those, whom would want them to follow on the set road ahead, away from the ever looming darkness and into the eternal light, always shining so bright, and those wanting to hit on this very road, would always be basking in the eternal brightness of it all, never feeling any less or even the blues, always being on the side of the goodness, never wanting for more, as this was the very promise made and if the people wanted to score their place, then all that which was needed from them, was a simple promise, of always staying on the set path, never straying, or even, looking back, never giving into the slack rather always moving further, ever forward until finally seeing and being one with the light, no matter if sometimes a fright would be the companion, as the times while making the journey ahead, would not always make one smile, still, it was not as difficult of a trek to make, as this one was led by a great leader, always making sure nobody would be left behind or left to their own devices, rather becoming part of the whole, in body, mind and soul.

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