Though the ancient eyes

“The ancient ones, had it done, and all out of rock too, with chisels and chicken bones no less“ Gun Roswall

Though the ancient eyes

They sure did know how to build them, on top of the tallest mountain as well, those gorgeous temples and other houses of worship, as they did, only using their bare hands and chicken bones, at least, that is the tale still being told. There might be other opinions out there, as how these ancient ones managed to build on this sphere, so many millennia ago, as even if they had nothing more to show for their tools other than perhaps, a few stone knives when called upon, to make something for their gods above. And so, they did, ever more upwards and higher, having the visions in their minds eye as to what the place would look like, and even out of spite, if no one else but their waring neighbours, the monuments were erected in the most unusual places. And so, because of that gut and effort and sweat and perhaps even soul, we, todays children, are able to admire and see, what the world was like as seen, through the ancient eyes.

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