Going Up?

“Never give up, never surrender, full speed ahead!” Galaxy Quest, Commander Peter Quincy Taggart

Going Up?

Higher, faster, stronger
Can’t wait much longer
Without any doubts
Reaching for the clouds
Got to get up, up, up!
Never going to stop
Counting every minute
The sky is the limit

Then, out of the blue
Quite abruptly
Movement disrupted
Everything frozen
Feelings of brazen
Completely gone
Looking at the door
No route for escape
Standing there
Without a clue
My mouth agape
Pulling my hair
Eyes wide
Nowhere to hide

“Well, apparently the lift has stopped?”
“Sixteenth floor, going no higher?”
“No, next step is to be opted.”
“Guess we are out of the dire!”
“Yes, well, time to get off this ride!”
“Right! Please, after you!”
“Thank you! How kind.”
“No problem! Next stop into the queue!”

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Another Milestone for Rantings Of A Third Kind!

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