Blue and the Water equals Splash!

“There is just something about water, especially when in a pool or open sea, which makes this one, wanting into it dive and the real world to flee“ Gun Roswell

Blue and the Water equals Splash!

The waters cold and blue, the weather not really so good, still, wanting to go diving in, just because it might just bring, the much needed refreshing feeling, needed to survive a hectic day.

The sun long since gone, somewhere safe perhaps stored, as it is that time of the season, when the warmth is less so and the reason, for wearing more of the clothing needed simply to survive without heat.

But, when the treat, of a pool on someone’s backyard greets, there is no way, not to take up on the offer, even if shivering cold without the layers of cloth.

And so, without further ado, closing eyes and thinking or summer, finding the warmth from within, while standing there in a skimpy swimsuit, and then, diving into the slightly ice cold blue.

Luckily, the human body is built, with adaptive qualities, and soon enough, the slightly chilly liquid, does not really feel that bad, against the skin warm, as long as staying below the surface, mostly anyway, except maybe the head!

Seated in the shade on a sunny day

“Sitting in the cooling shade, even if I’m going to be late, from Sunday” Gun Roswell 

Seated in the shade on a sunny day

The sunshine on a Sunday is always great, but then again, when it gets too hot, then it’s no longer so, and the best place to rest, or at least have a respite, is under the shade on a seat made for that special place. And so, the whole day, might just be well spent, seated under the protective shade avoiding all movement at all, but mostly, avoiding the brightly lit sun and the encompassing heat, and ain’t that simply neat. 

But if such a seat might not be found, anywhere even if looking around and everywhere, there is still no scare as daring, into the sunny outside, can also be very nice, at least for a short while, until the heat starts to defeat one and that will soon be 5he end of fun, and the option remaining is to simply run and to quickly find, a spot outside of the sunny shine, preferably in a shady spot, well, then the day would continue smoothly once again, and the rest of the day could be spent, in the calming shade.

Saturdays, what a total waste

“It’s another Saturday again, so yeah, where did the time go?” Gun Roswell 

Saturdays, what a total waste

The day supposedly to be a day of leisure, something to have as a recharge from the grind of the week, alas the home work awaiting, never lets off its grip, always on the back burner, always reminding of the never ending chores, never a moment to relax, even if exhaustion has taken its permanent place in the mind of this one, speaking, always freaking about it all, never finding peace, no matter how much sleep is put in after having list so much during the week, but soon the Sunday is there, Monday following suit and then the circle is complete, another weekend wasted, while doing nothing but thinking, of the load still pending and piling up realty, really fast, the only thing which really lasts, are the tasks never ending.

Shadows reflected

“A family of ducks, did their feathers pluck, in the middle of the lake, which as no fake, and with the serene waters quite still, as the ducks always came there to chill“ Gun Roswell

Shadows reflected

The birds, the insects, even a few daring peoples, usually wandered off to the near by lake, just to take, a surface dive, on the water’s edge, being none to deep, it was easy to simply in the bottom of it to sit, cooling down after a long day doing whatever, but as soon as they had reached the blue liquid place, their minds, totally went into a different state, the same for all the animals, humans and other types alike, nothing to put away the daily strife, but into a calming blue water taking a shallow dive.

The moon noir

“The night or the day, no matter which way you decide to cypher it, the moon is out there, hanging above even if somewhat dimly lit“ Gun Roswell 

The moon noir

The moon was out, hanging above in the clear blue sky, nothing there to spy, not really, but it could have as easily have been in the middle of the night, as the light, was so dim.

Either because of the timing, being that of summer, the day never ending, and so day or night, all the same, as the sun and moon together keeps on spinning.

Or then, it was the day of a ver dark and dreary autumn month, the shades blurring in together, to each other, the shadow, the light, all the grey shades of neither and then both, the monochrome, the noir, all of it one simple colour.

Whatever it is you see up there with your own bare eyes, is the truth, whether the sky is blue, or pitch black dark, the moon is always there, looking mighty smart.

Andor: A Different Star Wars Story


The latest Star Wars TV show, Andor, just concluded its first season with the episode “Rix Road”, and on the whole the series left Star Wars fans divided. Some applauded how it took a different approach to Star Wars, which was more serious and grounded. Others dismissed the show because of its deliberately slow pace and lack of typical Star Wars action and tropes. Regardless, it is clear that Andor tells a different kind of a Star Wars story, which is an unusual risk for Lucasfilm and Disney, but the effort largely pays off.

Diego Luna reprises his role of the title character, Cassian Andor, who was introduced as a shady Rebel agent in the film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This series shows us his back story which takes place several years before the film, and chronicles the events that turned him into a Rebel…

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Ever Upward towards the Clouds

“The chairs are leading upwards, towards the skies perhaps? Or at least, to the above floors of the house” Gun Roswell

Ever Upward towards the Clouds

The stairway either with a banister or not, made out of metal, stone or wood, leading the climber ever upward, unless they are on their way down. But mostly the spectators interest lies on the way towards the skies.

But to what kind of end? What could possibly be the goal achieved in getting here? Why would one want to get ever up higher? Are they trying to reach the skies or something else, somehow similarly compliant?

Maybe they are looking for some hidden treasure? Hidden on top of the low hanging clouds, which the skies are some days in shrouded? 

What of the fact that it is a cloudless clear day? Would it serve any kind of purpose in trying to get up there, without one single cloud in sight? Doing the upward fight simply out of spite? Just because it is there, the stairs?

Whatever the reason might just be, for those whom a higher ground might just seek, even if a tactical stance in mind, it does not matter, as we don’t need to know, as long as we can wait for them back, here below.

Coffee, the one and true life saviour

“There is nothing more invigorating, than the smell of fresh brew in the early morning hours, when stumbling out of the bed, half asleep. It is the only medicine for the cure of not being awake.” Gun Roswell

Coffee, the one and true life saviour

The early morning hours, never the easy ones for this sleeping ugly, because that is the correct word to describe the monstrous thing getting out under the covers and stepping their giant feet to the cold floor, nothing pretty to be seen, only scowls, snide remarks upon being dressed and worse remarks and quips if being asked. Surely, not a morning being, at all.

But, that will all change, once the medicined kicks in. And by that is meant, the one and only true healer, the saviour of it all, the one which can the biggest mountains make one move, and then to put on the daily groove, to any annoyed and sleep deprived person, the big uncooperative monster had just become during the night time.

Alas, the smallest scent will make the sleepy entity hell bent, on getting up and down stairs, bursting into the kitchen with nostrils flaring, taking a deep breath, inhaling the elixir of life, taking a sip, savouring the taste, then another soon to follow, until finally, the whole cup is drained of the darkest of brews, and then only, will do, a conversation or any other query, if feeling daring, as this is just the first cup, after all.

A view from the stern of the boat

“The setting sun left behind, the bow set towards the night, sailing across the high seas, to the pending darkness, but for now, the warmth of the shiny ball is still on our backs“ Gun Roswell

A view from the stern of the boat

The splashing waves causing ripples onto the water’s surface, the sunny rays reflected, without a real purpose, but it does not make it any less appealing, watching the powerful waves, on display, as the boat keeps on moving along, following a set trail, with the sails in full, the blowing winds giving the power needed, to the forward momentum, otherwise the ores would be needed, the manpower alone currently on board, too little to do the deed, thankfully though, Mother Nature has given the means, and so, to her graces we lean, taking us to new lands beyond the horizon, the day ending on this vista, but the next, might just give us more, shiny suns across the board, the blue skies and warm winds, that might just be the score.

Star Wars Andor FanFiction – new stories posted on ao3 and – November 2022

Gun Roswell

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction onArchive of Our Own(AO3)andFanFiction.netof the adventures in Star Wars Andor!

These tales follow original story lines diverging somewhat from theStar Warscanon, even if they are somehow, canon compliant.

All of them being pure fan fiction akaFanon.Naturally! Yet paying homage to the original series.

Go check them out here on AO3:
Who is Cinta Kaz?
Who is Vel Sartha?
Who is Kleya Marki?
It’s all building up to… something (part one)

Or, on
Tales in Star Wars Andor – Who is Cinta Kaz
Tales in Star Wars Andor – Who is Vel Sartha?
Tales in Star Wars Andor – Who is Kleya Marki?

Tales in Star Wars Andor – It’s all building up to something part1

Hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them : )


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