One pretty thing

“One, alone, single, unattached, still, standing strong, solo, nobody follow” Gun Roswell 

One pretty thing

From the darkest of the dominating shadows, rising through the cracks as the thin rays of light it follows, finding finally a way towards the lights even if it had been a long and difficult struggle. As nowhere to turn to for help, only with its own self preservation and wit, did it manage to survive the harshness of said darkness, where the lesser ones would have called out yelp in the overall process. But surely as the day is filled with the sun and the night is lit with the moon and the stars, this tiny pretty thing, managed its way through the small cracks to twinge. And now, standing proud and tall, despite the delicate frame, it will never be the same for this courageous and feisty flower, as now it finally had its taste of power. Blooming against and over all the odds, who had tried and taken their evil shots, trying to suffocate the one, redeemed to become nothing and none as there were others more deserving, more pretty, more of everything the tiny thing was not. But now, here it is, standing pretty over those who never it chose. But it does not care about them odds, not anymore, as it scored, big time, hovering, even towering over them all.

Falling water

“The cascading waters of the fall, despite the roar, are calming my nerves” Gun Roswell 

Falling water

The waters of the fall kept going ever downward, towards their inevitable fall, into the pond which from the warm weather would vaporise the droplets to an invisible fume, soon rising into the mighty skies. Filling the clouds until full and then falling back to the ground with the rain brought on by storm quite strong. Ending in the lake or river high up on the mountains where from the invincible droplets would make their way down the water fall once again, thus completing the circle, ongoing forever and ever.

Finest engineering by Mother Nature, rigged for most of our pleasures. The pure vision of power cannot leave anyone watching it sour, not for long at least. And if you are one of the lucky ones, you can try to get inside the wall of falling water and take a nice and long cold shower. Maybe even become like one of the flowers lulling gently on the surface of the splashing waters. Before the day is over these elements would have won you over and then before you realise, this charming setting, might be a difficult one of letting go. But for now, go with the gentle flow, stay in the water, play around like a sea otter, as there is still time.

Phone home now, or call Dr Who!

“That’s not a telephone box! That, is a Tardis from the tv show, you know the timer traveling doc one!” Gun Roswell 

Phone home now, or call Dr Who!

The two archaic yet gorgeous monuments still standing tall, on the street corner there by that building available for the big and small, lasting us all. from the past till the very beyond…


What’s it called? 

A muu-seuum of sorts? 


Yeah and those two glass boxes with a steel frame? 

Right there in front? 

Something I heard were used to cater to people making telephone calls around the very clock? 

Those kind of retro thingies of sorts, you know insert a coin to phone home or then make it collect for mama to pay?

Well, heck no!

Those kind of boxes are props!

They are imaginary and used in movies or tv!

You see!?

It’s the exact same box, which that one Doc, you know the one on the famous tv show?


What are you ignorant?

Everyone knows the Doctor.

Doctor Who.

Oh yeah!

In know that one, great show!

And I remember the box too.

But wasn’t it blue?


Red, blue, green!

You cannot make a call in one of those so forget about it!

Up and Down the River we go again

“Rolling on the river, until the moon sliver shows up in the darkening night skies” Gun Roswell

Up and Down the River we go again

Smooth and dead calm is the surface of the darkened water as we pass by a family of sea otters. While rolling languidly down the river bank, on the look out for the treasure boat which here in the past sank. There is no hurry to really catch anything, even if a sort of a fishing expedition was a thing. But whatever the method chosen to relax during this smooth ride on the river side might be, it does not matter if you nothing else except some peace and quiet from the trip will receive. 

Move along, on the river without a current strong, if you want to, maybe even sing a song, there is no throng at the moment, as only you and whomever you choose to follow with you on this kind of an adventure, even if it is supposed to be mostly relaxing without pressure. As the small boat taking you to places unknown lulling you to a state of redemption, don’t hesitate simply dive into the awaiting temptation as this is the way of life on the river never the deeper or shallower, only going up and down the curvy slopes.

Monumental from various times

“The monuments we create to depict the times we live in, hoping only they will last past our time” Gun Roswell

Monumental from various times

The chariots with its galant riders, now a silhouette slashing the darkening night skies

Built as an homage and a reminder of those heroes from our distant past surpassing time

As to whom those were depicted in the shadowy tale of this monumental tale so magnificent? 

Well, that is something the historians may be able to tell you, that of their real significance

As for myself, the looks of it is simply striking and therefore it ended up on my very list of liking

The picture surely telling as trying, to fit into it the past and present without too much yelling

And as to the futuristic round circular thing, which now in the present day someone songs sing?

A wheel of fortune perhaps? Or maybe something more temporary, not really needed to last?

Whatever the purpose of this millennial round circle is, taking a ride on it and enjoying the scenes

Of the city where it now resides, is fine for at least now, and maybe later, if it lasts the passage of time

A few hundred years into our future, then someone might find it as fascinating as the chariot or then, simply comment it being just fine.

Sunday Seat Poolside

“On a warm day, you can either indoors stay, or then if you are lucky enough, spend it poolside as it is so very hot outside!” Gun Roswell

Sunday Seat Poolside

The weather gods having been totally generous over the past few weeks might have needed some praise from us lowly humans. Someone might have noted though, that had been over generous as the temperatures outside had exceeded everyones wild expectations of a hot summer weather, not matter the level on which you resided on the blue globe. South, North, middle there somewhere, it was all the same red at least on the maps of forecast done by some of the weather fortune tellers out there on tv-land. And nothing major really could be planned as the temperatures were all the same, high, each and every single day for the whole planet.

But, staying indoors the whole summer just to run away from the weather? Well, that was a total bummer. So, for some lucky ones, there was an option other than hiding from the sun. To take themselves poolside. At least for a day or so, as the energy levels were quite low, from the heat and the darkness of the indoors. The solution of renting a room, any hotel room basically in a nearby area for a day or few. And then, stay there form dawn till dusk as it was a must, to stay close to the cool and calming waters. Then every now and again, take a dip into the liquid. Well, what a way to spend a sunny Sunday day, poolside in a lazy chair reclined in a position so fine, there was no idea, to move anywhere else the whole time spent poolside.

Flower in purplish blues

“A flower a day, keeps the bad mood away, at least for a while I think” Gun Roswell

Flower in purplish blues

Nature at its very best during the times of warmth when the rest of us just want to rest, lay about and do absolutely nothing. But these pretty things of colours in various purples, keep sprouting up from the ground even if there has been no rain for a while. But it doesn’t really matter how these pretty ones came to be alive as simply looking at them for a while, makes one in a better mood and giving at least, a slight smile and that in itself is simply fine.

So, let those flowers keep on popping up, wherever they want. As this time of the year might be the only one the pretty ones appear. As soon as the weather changes to something cold and unpredictable, the flowers in the fields will start to fall. For now at least, enjoy, listen and view, to the magnificence of the purples and sometimes blues as soon enough, you will wake up, to sub zero temperatures and then only in memories, or photographs if possible, those joys of the summer days of warmth, the flowers in such colourful purples.

Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

“The age might have a number, sometimes bigger other times humbler, but what matters really is how you feel inside, even if you thing you are still a child” Gun Roswell

Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

Another year and another number, only this time, it’s getting stronger and larger and well, yes, the years do pile on don’t they? As only yesterday or a few days ago you were six and now suddenly, you can add another zero to the mix and that means six-oh which translates to sixty. But hey, half or third way there, depending on how you look at the future. And if you end up becoming a robot, then well, who knows, maybe even six hundred and sixty!

Oh, the point of this little ditty? Yes, well, as it turns out, that on this fine day of sixteenth of July, my dear partner in crime and life for that matter, actually has a birthday! And so, sixty it will be today. Can’t believe you got there faster than I did, but hey, turning a new birth year guess really is no competition after all 😉 So, this is why I am writing this, guess you can call it rhyme as I really cannot carry a tune or write a song.

So, before I go on for far too long, and I promise not to even try to sing that tune of that song. Only here to wish you the happiest of all, stay strong and hey, when the one hundred comes along, then we’ll take it to the top of the tallest mountain we can find and do that blasted bungee dive. After all, even older or let’s say it politely, more mature people need to have goals!

So, an extremely happy birthday Hon! 

Two lights in the night sky

“In the darkened night, it is hard to get by, at least, without a flashlight, you know!” Gun Roswell

Two lights in the night sky

The path ahead as dark as the night itself, as I very well forgot to take a torch with me on this journey across the swell of the nightly scenery, as during the day, it is an easy thing, just a step, hop and a skip really, but the feeling in the middle of the night, especially without any kind of guiding light, is pretty difficult and could leave to a misstep and maybe even in a ditch or so I had been told.

So, threading lightly as in quite carefully, I was beginning to panic as I noted dully, that I had been on the road for a long, long moment, maybe even to the fault, of getting myself lost. But then, as I was starting to loose all hope, I could see a light, in the distance. A faint one at that, but it looked friendly enough, so deciding to steer clear and onwards with that thought, I had brought, new hope again into myself. 

As I kept on going, another more stronger light appeared, from above it seemed to steer, as the path in front of me had become lit like the proverbial Christmas tree. And in knew right there and then, to trust this one from the very beginning it had shone on and let me move along, until I reached the safety of my home street, lit up with a lamp so neat. 

But as I looked up, I could see the shining planetary object, the moon shining with full force and I knew I had scored, a safe trip to my home which was beyond of being very thankful to the bright moon leering at me cheerfully from above.

Zoom, vroom, in the rain

“Riding in the slippery rain, is certainly no easy feat, in bare feet that is😎“ Gun Roswell 

Zoom, vroom, in the rain

The old school type of a motorbike roared loudly, as the rider soared across the slippery slope of a street. 

It was no easy job, as the poor rider of a sod, had forgotten a very important accessory for their feet.

The most important part of the ensemble? That is of course part from a protective helmet on the tiniest of heads?

The boots of course, as the route driven was covered with puddles from the constantly falling rain like led.

Not a good choice, especially considering the need for an abrupt stop and hitting the break with feet first.

As the roads are not only covered with water from the storm, but a multitude of all kinds of nasty dirt.

But, having a good, or even a bad machismo kind of an attitude, whether a girl or a dude, then shoes? 

Who needs them anyway, when your bare foot soles are rock hard and covered with all kinds of natural oils?

Nobody that’s who. As you not only look so totally cool, riding your bike bare foot, looking like a fool!