Step inside

“The mysteries within the places to be found, where a tempting entrance beckons to step inside, do step right in if daring is the spirit within!“ Gun Roswell

Step inside

Step inside, do, step inside! And do hurry, as the divine is most hard to find!

And that is simply being kind, as mostly, there is nothing there to be found, no matter going round and around and even over it, there is no real fix!

But, if you are simply looking for an adventure, just for the sake of it, never giving a shit what you will or will not find while on it, then, do, step right in!

The somewhat covered entrance, on the small street without a sign to pinpoint its locale, a well, kept secret from ages past, as this place was a secret meant to last.

But once you get past the locks and bolts and the guard dogs, step right in, as it is time to let the adventure of a life time begin, or at least for this very moment in time!

And should you be so lucky, as to find a treasure, no matter it might measure, then perhaps, it wasn’t a waste of time after all?

The streets of Paris to thread on and then some

“Far away vistas or close by cultural cities? Well, guess I chose the latter one this time around and this is what I found” Gun Roswell

The streets of Paris to thread on and then some

The city with the most lights, the city of love, the city filled with history, the city which supposedly sleeps, but that kinda is not true, not really, as all of us needs some rest, even the mighty and strong figure of Europe, the eternal and most gorgeous city that of Paris.

And here, is where the trip begins, from the archway so well, known, where traffic just keeps going on and on, whether on foot, or on a bike or even, some kind of car, the roads all starts from here and then disappear to the distance on the busy streets of Paris.

Now going back and forth in any kind of city is a time consuming, sweat breaking and well, you totally get thirsty. And then, sitting down and having a break, whether for some much refreshing coffee or then, a glass of some fine wine, and that is all fine, in the many small cafes of Paris.

Then, when the night finally falls, because it really does even here, in the city of eternal lights. So, without any kind of fight, make your way towards the tallest tower, at least for a few miles, aptly named after that one builder guy, Eiffel, and watch the lights turn to various colours, at night, the feelings only when visiting the city of Paris.

The seatings in blue

“The weather is quite blue, the skies, the ocean all in the same hue, so why not a seat too!” Gun Roswell 

The seatings in blue

The day started under signs of calming and wonder, as the skies indicated nothing but blue hues all the way, reflecting the mood, if not so down, then at least no up or downward frowns, only thoughts of could be’s and what if’s in the mind, as good days or positive thoughts seemed to have been hard to find, at least lately, despite the calm of the surrounding blue to be found most times, as the blues was the constant for most days.

So, on this day, taking a chance, without too much of a stance, as resistance usually was on the futile end, as said, most days, behaving more like a Borg drone than anything else was the mode of operandi. Still, today it all seemed somewhat different and up beat even on many levels, because today’s promise of sunny day, under the shade and in a remote seat, in the colour of blue, was the premise made to lure out there, outside of the house.

So, headed out, without, further doubt, heading set to the destination coordinates and with that in mind, setting aside all fear, content on getting to the blue hued seating area soon enough and then enjoying the day without further though of being out there, fear gone, disappeared to the soothing, of blue.

The Moon in the Morning Sky

“There is a moon still up there in the skies, even if it is time for the sun to rise” Gun Roswell

The Moon in the Morning Sky

There is always some kind of a surprise, for us mere mortals when you look up there into the great skies. Sometimes, a star arises where you least expected it to, or then, perhaps some visitor from a far can be seen in their small ship running fast. But, I guess the more mundane stuff, such as the moon and the sun, can too be a lot of fun. Especially, when rising up in the early morning hours, the sky becoming red of as you might expect, from the great star, the sun soon to rise. But what do those still sleepy eyes then spy? Well, the moon of course, which still keeps on hanging up there, in the stratosphere, even if it was time for it to take a long nap for the day as the shiny ball of light was on their way to slay the day. Still, the two were up there both sharing the same stage, and it did not seem like either was going to take their bow and disappear, rather remaining there, letting us dwellers below watch in awe, as the two giants were sharing the centre stage together, without qualm.

The mood of the day

“The mood, ever changing, by the day, by the hour, even by the second, as yes, I am really that moody!” Gun Roswell

The mood of the day

The mood, something which sometimes, really should, not be effecting anything, but unfortunately, more often times, it goes completely out of control, like it totally has a mind of its own and during those times, well, not even a smile will get you off the hook, when a great big booboo had been left out of the locked hideaway, deep inside the mind’s eye, and even acting all quiet and nice with a great big wide smile will cover for the mood swings and the following rough words flying out the pit of the stomach and right through the big mouth and this is where it all goes totally south, as everything said will always sound too loud and so, there is really nothing making one feel proud, the moody blues, will make you totally lose your dignity and whatever else, and so, thanks to the mood swaying every which way, there is no use in one place stay as nobody wants to see those kinds of things happening, the moods soon unwrapping your true self, but in the end why dwell, we all use those moods as an excuse for bad behaviour, and so, let them all out, even if totally loud, as sometimes most of us need to not behave.

Falling Flakes

“The snow is still falling, even if the spring is dawning, surprising, in a way“ Gun Roswell

Falling Flakes

The snowy soft flakes are falling once again

Some might say, they were a heaven’s sent

Then again, they are not totally wrong

As the winter around here, is still quite strong

And there is totally something wrong

With those weather gods up and above

Heaven or not, this winter needs to stop

As the spring already so much delayed

As some of us really can not wait

For the warmer days to winter slay

Because all this seems to be becoming more of a joke

The winter weather keeping us and nature in a hold choke

Not so great, then again, some say

That all good things come to those who wait

Well, we shall see, as all this back and forth none please

But perhaps, it is better just to relax and accept

The simple fact that life as we know it has changed

So many things are not like they used to be

And maybe, just maybe it could be a good thing 

But before we all start to celebrate and dance and sing

Maybe think about the reasons behind the whole thing?

Take a ride in the rain

“The rain will not stop those wanting to ride their bikes, motorised or otherwise“ Gun Roswell

Take a ride in the rain

The rain stained the asphalted plains, but it did not matter to the hard core rider

And even if they are really not, the tough and rough kind of natural born fighter

It does not matter, because out of love and devotion, the rider will get out there

And ride the steady steed across the land, sand or water, it does not really matter

Even if the chatter from the others, might want to change this rider’s mind 

But, being totally devoted and kind, to the bike which can give them a ride

Well, there are really no sides to be taken here, rather the best choice of all to take

And this relationship, between organic and machine, is not something new to be seen

So, mounting on their ride, soon enough the world around then is no more divided,

Rather one and wide united road side, where anyone can set out on and drive

No matter whether this bike is just a simple and manual and in need to be peddled

Or a power house of a thing, with a motor which can make a die hard fans heart sing

Riding best, with bare feet, I guess

The tree up the hill, the stories will spill

“The oldest of trees, growing on the solemn tall hill, have many secrets to keep, but, are you ready to hear them?” Gun Roswell 

The tree up the hill, the stories will spill

The old and decrepit tree, up there on the slippery hill see? Some may think, is not much to look at, but the fact is, that it holds a plethora of stories and tales, none of the are on sale, but if you are willing to make a trade, then a few of them might be for free shared, that is unless you are too scared to try out something new and the find out, some well kept truths too.

Now, as to the fee, it might not be, what you think it is, as all that this old tree really needs, is some loving kindness and care, some time with it to be shared, maybe some fertilizer and water too, but mostly, what will do, to get the tree to share some of it secrets, is for the listener to spend the time without regrets and the only request from said tree is, that you, the listener, will take the stories to your heart and maybe learn from them which is the thing smart to do.

The silent stones which can tell it all (or at least some of it)

“It might be written in stone, but as long as you can read it, then totally do!“ Gun Roswell

The silent stones which can tell it all (or at least some of it)

There is hidden wisdom, right there in plain sight, written on the hardest of stones

By those who lived their very lives and have eves since gone beyond the rim forth

Wherever you look, the piles of discarded stones from that past, the words were carved 

Perhaps by poor artists starved after having their say, right there, out there, on display

But if you choose to read said writing, and take it to your heart, well, it is really up to you

The choice to follow the perhaps wise words, from those gone before, maybe you should

Because history always keeps on repeating itself, and learning from the past mistakes

Well, you might be better off with the knowledge what did go wrong so long ago

And then apply to your current day life and if you are lucky enough, maybe, you won’t

Be the one to stumble up front, rather the one surviving the bad times and beyond

Just saying there are wise words out there written in stone, so read them, you cannot go wrong!

A Mother’s Day Rose

“To all mothers in the world, a rose” Gun Roswell

A Mother’s Day Rose

A day of celebration for most
That is why I have made this post
To convey all the wishes of best
To the mothers where ever they may nest

Life can be a bit of a bitch
But today, I hope you will pretty sit
Showered with love and devotion
At least sent a message with a notion:
Of caring so much
They wanted to be in touch
At least on this special day
But then again, it should be that everyday!

So here is my message for you all:
Love your mother, mom, mum, what ever you may her call
She won’t be around forever
So try to make this day for her that much better!