High up close to the skies

“Climbing up, ever so high, to be close to the gods, residing high up on the fluffy clouds“ Gun Roswell 

High up close to the skies

The scenic views, reserved for those few, daring to venture up to the highest peaks, but during this modern day adventure, it’s not the top of the mountain to be conquered, but a structure built by people, from iron, glass and other things, making it almost as strong as the rock filled natural constructs, but not quite, still, the buildings are meant to last, a few windy blasts, and traveling right to the top, easily without a stop, with a modern mechanical device, with little if no effort, and so admiring the vistas, the views, are no longer reserved for the few, but everyone.

Small City Skyline

“The city ever changing, but some things simply remain the same” Gun Roswell

Small City Skyline

The city might be small in comparison to so many others, but there is no reason, to neglect and not to check out what it has to offer.

It may lay out there far in the north, but having its own mirth, with old school buildings, surrounded by the blue seas, the pearl of the Baltic Sea in a way, so do, stay for a while.

The gadgets small too, with a more than few sights to see, or then a tour around the city skyline, on a boat small but with terrific views, which ever way you choose to travel, this place, will not leave you in peril.

Star Wars the Clone Wars, the Bad Batch, the Mandalorian and the Book of Boba Fett FanFiction – new stories posted on ao3 and fanfic.net – October 4th 2022

Gun Roswell

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction onArchive of Our Own(AO3)andFanFiction.netof the adventures ofThe Bad Batch, Star Wars The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett!

These tales follow completely original story lines diverging from theStar Warscanon. All of them being pure fan fiction akaFanon.Naturally! Still paying homage to the original series.

Go check them out here on AO3:
Scratching the Itch
The Very First Kiss
Totally so not of a laughing matter!
A Stunt Like That!
Déjà Vu?
You look really good in my clothes
Stumble, all the way down

Or, on FanFiction.net:
TBB Replacements
Stumble, all the way down
TCW – You look really good in my clothes
Déjà Vu?
TBB – TCW A Stunt Like That!
TCW Totally so not of a laughing matter!
TBB Scratching the Itch

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Panodramatic Grey

“It is a grey day, with lots of rain, but the panorama mode, makes it look much more than plain” Gun Roswell

Panodramatic Grey

The greys soon enough come out, whenever the rain fills up the skies with loud thundery clouds, even if it there is really no sound to be heard, but what we have learnt, is to always carry an umbrella with us, whenever the stormy weathers hit, during this season of s..t.

Daring to adventure outside, even with the rain, so totally loud, makes one feel proud, fighting against the nature, well, at least, the big puddles and those cars driving too close to the pavement, but the cure is simple, only the need to put on some clothing suitable and out there, the above kinds of scenes can be found!

Off of the Wall

“Stuff on the walls, such as wallpaper, paintings and even mirrors, do make a nice decor” Gun Roswell 

Off of the Wall

The walls of the house heavily decorated, but thankfully, in a most tasteful of ways.

The flowery wallpaper covering the boring shade of the material of the walls, adding a few paintings, lamps and even the odd mirror into the mix.

Nothing short of taste, all according to the very latest, fashion issues printed onto a magazine made out of paper.

The style as is the resource old school, still why change if it all works, said the home owner, being no fool!

Basking in the last rays of sun

“It might be already autumn, fall, but these last rays of sun shine will be soaked“ Gun Roswell

Basking in the last rays of sun

They don’t look like much, and even the slightest touch, can make them crumble all the way down, but these hays, the lonely strays, far away, from the fields they were born, still hang on, until the last rays of summer, have been consumed.

And so, these strays loom, gently, softly in the winds of fall, as if trying some more time to stall, and still heaving, leaving, the onlookers in complete awe, as these, straws of summer almost passed, are quite strong and most likely will last, even past the strongest of winter’s storms.

So many to choose from!

“Too many images, do grace, my poor mobile phone’s database!” Gun Roswell

So many to choose from!

The library is full!!!

The flashing red light there, on the face of the device, which I so much like… well I am lying here, as being in love is most like it!

But now, it is so time for a hissy fit as that darned thing, stopped working!

As in having been filled, with so many images, those snaps having been taking along the way, most of them done of my own accord, with just a few borrowed.

All them pictures from the travels in the past, never meant to last, the trip that is, but as you can see, the images are somewhat safely stored, in the memory banks of the poor, calling device of sorts.

But nobody really uses it for that, as it is so much more, or was, cannot remember, as it is action as my memory too, just to name but a few things, this miracle gadget can do.

Still, I am ripping my hair off, trying to figure out a way, where these pictures to store.

As of now, the memory is full and so, well guess, delete, delete, delete is really all I can do?

Skies Reflected

“Look up! See the clouds, now check again. Where does the sky end? Or is it all, a simple reflection?” Gun Roswell 

Skies reflected 

The clouds gathered

Onto the lower skies

Simply getting reflected 

Wherever the glass lies

Be careful though 

As the winds may blow

Shifting the position 

Constantly without hesitation 

The eyes might be very slow

To adjust to the very flow

And so

The illusion between 

The real and the make believe 

Will get fuzzy enough to leave 

The current onlooker 

In a bit of a confusion 

And so loosing the sense

Of any kind of reality 

Seeing the truth uncanny 

And so being fooled

By total fantasy

But hey

It is all good

Just have to know

Which way to look

Shiny pair of new shoes

“New day, new shiny shoes, new attitude!” Gun Roswell 

Shiny pair of new shoes

They are shiny, they are new, they seem to be a really cool pair of shoes, something bought online, without testing, simply trusting they would be simply fine as they really, really looked so nice.

So, now today, is the first day to try them on, even if the feeling of putting them on, is giving some shivers, but luckily, they fit perfectly, even the laces were easy enough to use, as a zipper would have been better to use but still, no need to refuse them.

But now, the few strides have been done, the hold of the soles tested, and out there to world, well at least the nearest city, I will let myself go, maybe slow at first, then running if and where needed.

The new shoes having gotten me all excited and so, I will out there thrive, with new shoes and new attitude accompanying the ensemble.

Sailing into the sunset

“Sailing away, to far away lands… or at least now, that the sun is setting, getting, home is enough for the weary traveller, right?” Gun Roswell

Sailing into the sunset

The setting sun, is the time indicator, time has past flown, and so now, setting the helm towards home, is the best option, perhaps the only option to follow.

As adventure, can always wait, for tomorrow will be another day, for sure, and the lure, of the far away lands always present, never letting the traveller at peace.

So, either a restless night, without sleep, depending of course, how deep, the thoughts of the ventures ahead are, the smart ones, will figure a way, to set sail, even when with little if no sleep.

But before you get in there too deep, remember, to eat, and have plenty of coffee, as the adventure will take time long, at least, until the next sunset is upon.