Taking Shortcuts is Easy?

“If you take shortcuts, you get cut short” Gary Busey

Taking Shortcuts is Easy?

Easy and always simple
Leaving no dimples
The quickest way to take
Is to just faking it
Because wanting your cake
As much as eating it
Taking the shortcuts
Without any buts
All through life
Without any strife
The quickest way
May be the easiest
Even the cheapest
But soon one day
You may end up with
A basket full of shit


Homage to Sir Christoper Lee

“I’m much softer than people think. I don’t present to the world an emotional face.
I’m pretty good at self-control, but I am easily moved” Sir Christopher Lee

Homage to Sir Christoper Lee

From the horrors of Hammer
To Lord of the Rings
Without a stammer
Lines delivered like kings

A villain or a hero
Never the zero
Captains and counts
Even some with discounts

Soft or scary
The roles did vary
You never failed
Getting the parts nailed

Without a mock
Shakespeare or Hitchcock
Film or television
Enjoying each transmission

Your dabble
And certainly no babble
Into Heavy Metal
Was right on the petal

All in all
Sir Christopher Lee
How we miss thee
A great human being
We ever have hoped to have seen

An actor most versatile
And never vile
We adored you our sire
The greatest Vampire
Of them all


Blogging 101: Weekend One : Some thoughts from Rantings of a Third Kind

“Keep calm and keep blogging”

One week down – nice work!

  • Spend more time in the Reader. Add a few more topics to follow, or check out our Recommended Blogs.
  • Download the WordPress app. There are apps for iOS and Android— use them to catch up with blogs you love while you’re waiting for the bus, post photos on the fly, or check in on your stats from anywhere.
  • Write another post. We’ll be publishing more posts throughout Blogging 101, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also publish on topics that’ve been on your mind — take the weekend to create something totally independently of Blogging 101.
  • Share some love in The Commons. If you haven’t visited yet, we encourage you to pop in; it’s a great space full of supportive bloggers waiting to give you feedback, pats on the back, and page views. If you’ve already posted there, take some time to leave feedback and kudos on someone else’s post.

Dear fellow bloggers, I have checked out so many blog sites during this week and today and all I can say I am IMPRESSED! There are so many interesting sites out there, I wish I had more than 24 hours a day to spend on browsing, reading and looking at pics and videos. Everyone: Keep up the good work and always remember to hit LIKE when you have visited a site and liked what you have seen 🙂

Been there done that and posted a few more: I am trying to keep up with a promise I made myself to write *at least* a poem a day if nothing else. Check it out: Not without my Coffee

Feedback: Yes please and trying to do that myself too. But even a LIKE is feedback in itself.

Have a great weekend all!


Photography 101: Day Five Part 1: Solitude

“Solitude is the place of purification” Martin Buber

Day Five Part 1: Solitude

We’re excited about today’s theme, solitude. In addition to thinking about what it means to you, also consider the placement of the subject in your shot.

Solitude comes in many forms: Here are a few examples from my back yard:  The last in bloom, one of a kind, trapped, guardian angel, solitary cloud and tall standing building.

Click on the images for higher resolution





















Not without my Coffee

“Come to the dark side, we have coffee”

Not without my Coffee

I freely admit it
I am addicted
To the finest organic suspension 
One of the greatest inventions


If gets me up in the morning
So read this  forewarning
To save yourself from scorning
Do not get between me and my 


If you want your day
To be inventive and stay
On top of the world
Life delightfully twirled


Take my advice
Don’t think twice
Pour yourself a cup of java
It beats the hell out of guava


Your fellow human kind
Never looked so fine
The world filled with love
If everyone joined in a cup of