Photo 101: Day Six: Connect & Tags

“Connecting people” The artist formerly known as Nokia

Photo 101: Day Six: Connect & Tags


I have chosen to use the social media options for promoting my blog. I.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr. Not that I really enjoy spending my time on any of those sites (honestly, well I try not to ;P), but I have found it very useful to get more visibility than relying solely on WordPress.

Judging from the feedback and additional followers, I have managed to get over 3000 hits on my Google+ account and I have over 100 followers on LinkedIn in addition to email followers who do not have WP accounts.

I know the figures may not seem much to established bloggers, but for me, who started from zero four months ago, this is huge!

Summa sumarum: It really pays off to connect!


I used the following tags to describe my today’s objet d’art;

Photography, photo101, footwear, a pair of boots, rain gear, Wellingtons, Nokia, red, colourful, still life, portrait, object, photo shoot, flash, zoom lens, natural light and humour.

A pair of ordinary rain boots, in the colour of red. I experimented a little with the exposure and flash to drag some interest out of the subject matter

Fun fact: The brand name for these boots is actually “Nokia” and used way before the GSM phone was invented.

Click on the images for higher resolution and enjoy!







Bonus funny shot:



About This Blog

Day Six: Make an Irresistible “About” Page

You’ve now completed the first week — congrats! It’s been an incredible experience to read your stories, watch you getting your blogging legs, and see the connections you’re making.

This week, you’ll continue publishing and personalizing your blog to perfection. First up, we’ll tackle an element that all blogs need: an About page. Some of you have already written one, others have one in progress or feel stuck, and some of you don’t have one at all. Let’s change that.

Today’s assignment: create and publish your About page, then either adapt it into a widget on your home page or add it to your menu.

Go check out the finished product:
About This Blog

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“Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself” Octavia E. Butler

About This Blog


Gun Roswell

AKA Gunilla Roswall, Gun Roswall and La Gun, with the fastest bullets.
(A rose by any other name 😉 )

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“Be careful what you wish for, you may get it”

Welcome and feel free to stalk about in my blog! You may find things you actually enjoy and get hooked!

“Seek and ye shall find”

Hope you you will find something worth your while!


In my posts you can find some of the following:

Some lessons learnt, some wisdom (if you look with a fine-tooth comb), maybe even some fact and a lot of fiction! Then again, who says wisdom ends with fiction? For all we know, life is a fantasy! And to top it all, lots of photographs.

I write and photograph mostly for myself, but hope others will enjoy my products too.



As the slug says:

A blog about everything and nothing.
Fiction, fact, poetry, odes, homages, photography.
Humour, yet some serious thoughts.


Here are some of the topics, not in any particular order:

Awards and contest
My publications on other sites
Quotes on writing
WP 101

I have also compiled some links useful for writers for networking behind this link: Social networking sites for writers page.

And some of my favourite writing on Quotes on writing page.

And it’s all done in the best possible taste!




“You go through life experiences. Each record captures a different turning point in my life” Keith Urban


I was nominated to the do the Free Style Writing Challenge a while ago by Lucy Danvers, her excellent blog Ice Coffee Couture
The aim of this challenge is really just to write non-stop for a period of time, so try it out!

My question for the challenge was:

The question, raises my eye brows more than any other question would. To put it bluntly,
I guess am still waiting for mine to knock on the door.

That being said, I feel like a liar. Why, you ask?

I will tell you why. I probably should start by counting my blessings what I have achieved so far, both in work life and personal life. Looking back at my life, I really cannot pin point one specific turning point but several. Not all of them have turned out to be good ones, but they have taught me lessons, turning me into the person I am today.

But I would say that the most recent one would be when I started writing again. Well publicly that is. I never really stopped, rather moved to different forms of writing. This is my third try and hopefully the charmed one and so far I am convinced I will stay on this path and not let go. Granted it’s a long way from my “fantasy” of having a best seller or a produced screenplay. But I like the interactiveness of the World Wide Web in the blogging community. Instant feedback and knowing your product is something people actually enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying writing on the internet is not real work or real writing, it is and it is hard work as anything else. Simply because most of us have day jobs and continue to our second job of the bloggers world, possibly putting in another eight or more hours a day, and not getting paid for it. I must admit one thing though. As much as I love seeing my work published, I do have a love and hate relationship with the internet and all that which it contains. But as long as I am honest as a person, writer and a blogger, giving credit when credit is due, I feel I can survive the ugly too.

So my point here is, hold on to your dreams, try to realize them, but most of all: Keep calm and continue blogging!

Signing off!

Words: 371

How to do it:

Open an MS Word document (or Pages)

1. Set a stop watch or your mobile to 5 minutes or 10 minutes whichever challenge you think you can beat.

2. Your topic is at the foot of this post.

3. Fill the word doc with as many words as you want. Once you began writing do not stop.

4. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check in MS WORD (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write the right spelling and stick to grammar rules)

5. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals. However, if you do, it would be best.

6. At the end of your post write down ‘No. Of words =_____’ so that we would have an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.

7. Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new Topic for your nominees and copy paste these rules with your nominations (at least 5 bloggers).

I will nominate:

1) Chloe
2) Lee Hiller
3) E J Frost
4) Robin Seaton
5) Raine Fairy

My topic for you is:
Have you ever wished you were either older or younger?
What would you consider to be the benefits and possible problems?


My Coffee Addiction

“Coffee and love are best when they are hot” German proverb

Blogging 101: Day Four: My Coffee Addiction

Blogging 101: Day Four: Identify Your Audience
Today’s Assignment: Publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Coffee, probably the most searched for topic on the World Wide Web. Most people can handle their coffee and enjoy a fine blend every now and again. And then there are the others, us, those who are completely hooked on the intoxicating, exquisite dark liquid. One or two cups a day just won’t do, thinking if less is good then more must be better!

While most people enjoy looking into their own coffee cup and are completely satisfied with the one time visual experience, there are some, who spend a lot of time looking at pictures of other people having coffee. The worst of these people actually develop habits, such as peeping in on others enjoying their cups of java be that in coffee shops or even in the privacy of their own homes.

I discovered my passion for coffee when I was around five. Sneaking into the coffee room, looking on while the adults were enjoying themselves. After they had finished their moment of coffee, I snuck in and had a taste, and have been hooked ever since!

I like having coffee by myself or in company. A nice cup of java in the morning, several times during the day and before I go to sleep. At work there are those of us, who enjoy our coffee in a group setting. It is most enjoyable especially during those days, when you need to work late. After all, you can never go wrong with a coffee party!

My taste in coffee varies. Sometimes I like to add a little vanilla to keep the taste soft and sweet. But other times, a more stronger blend is needed to satisfy the thirst. Then again, there is no such thing as bad coffee, or even an undrinkable kind. Cold, tea like or tar, it’s all fine as long as it spells c-o-f-f-e-e!

During my travels, I try to choose cities to visit, which have special shops and even dedicated streets for coffee lovers, like Paris or Amsterdam. There you can have your coffee pretty much in any way, form or position you like. I have also heard of places, where coffee is banned for what ever reason and you dare not even speak the name out loud. Personally, not my first choice to visit, I cannot stand too long a dry spell, not the mention the withdrawal!

Mostly you can drink coffee for free, especially if you are not too picky on the company and enjoy any type of coffee you can get. But, unfortunately not all coffee is free. Sometimes you have to pay for your coffee! Then again, paid coffee can taste as good as free coffee, it’s just a matter of adjusting your way of thinking.

OK, so I admit I have and addiction to coffee, but I generally like to blame my Finnish heritage of it. Since most of us are born with an the newly discovered gene, the coffee bean. That’s right, it is in our DNA to love coffee!

In summary, my advice to you is, enjoy your coffee while you can, when ever and where ever you can, you are never too young or old for it!

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