Sisu, Sauna and Koskenkorva (Ode to Finns)

” When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

Sisu, Sauna and Koskenkorva (Ode to Finns)

Finns, what a nationality
We have quite the ability
To enjoy ourselves
With life’s simple little things

Sauna, heated to at least eighty degrees
Surely hot enough to melt any cheese
Beating each other with branches of birch
Almost as purifying as absolution in a church

Sisu, the spunk, guts and percistence
We have plenty of through out our existance
Rally drivers, Nokia, Linux and the rest
We only deliver the best

Koskenkorva, pure spirit made out of barley
After drinking, don’t ride your Harley
The Swedes may prefer their Vodka
But for the Finns, it’s pure dogma

We have lakes and forrests in abundance
So please come and join us
For a visit in the green of nature
It won’t leave you denatured


Kippis, Skål, Cheers, Sante, Salud, Prost!

Kippis, Skål, Cheers, Sante, Salud, Prost!

Happy wishes for the Midsummer
May your celebration be free of bummer
Enjoy the warmth and the sun
May your existence be filled with fun
Time’s a-wasting’, nothing to spare
So raise your glass high up in the air
Because life is supposed to be a ball
Therefore, wishing you one and all
A happy weekend and a great summer!

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Growing Up?

“Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional”

Growing Up?

Growing up?

Such a pain in the ass
Can’t I just pass?
Fifty knocking at the door
Oh what a bore
The golden middle age
The wisdom of a sage
But feeling closer to nineteen
Like the proverbial prom queen
Act your age
Usually the phrase
Leaving me wondering
Who are you mothering
I’m not a child
Even though wild

Growing up?

What’s the point
Not even a joint
Or a few
Can cheer you
If you can’t have fun
On the play ground
Beyond fifty one