Coffee made me do it!

“Black as night, sweet as sin” Neil Gaiman

Coffee made me do it!

Today I went off the edge
I didn’t even take a pledge
I pranced around like a Fred Astaire
The others looking with a stare
Laughing out very loud
And feeling extremely proud
An old tune from years ago
Nothing to stop the show
I started singing that tune
Not being any kind of prune
Why this happened you may ask
It wasn’t anything from a flask
Though I have one excuse to acquit
The Coffee made me do it!


Photo 101: Day Fourteen: Scale & Observation

Photo 101: Day Fourteen: Scale & Observation

Observe your scene before pressing the shutter, considering how all the elements in the frame interact with one another. Make an object appear larger through a ground-level POV. 

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Objects in mirror are closer than they appear


Fly by


Sitting pretty


Where is Waldo?


Night light


Mini Me