I Blog therefore I am

“If I waited until I felt like writing, I’d never write at all” Anne Tyler

I Blog therefore I am

Today is my day off, so I have some extra time on my hands (Laughs out loud; good joke that one! While trying hard to catch up with a lo-oong list of uncompleted tasks!) I had to take the day off just to be on the safe side, and well prepared for the up and coming huge “Five O” day tomorrow. Readying myself for the celebration (read awaiting in horror of dooms day!) 😛


I have gotten a few questions on “how I manage to keep up and publish posts on daily basis” and decided to drop this little note to all you bloggers out there.

I promised myself a while back to write “at least” a poem a day, if nothing else and I have almost achieved that goal. I also try to post them daily, or then at least catch up the next day with a couple of posts. The writing is mostly for myself, but I am glad others enjoy it as well. It is also good to keep up with publishing(posting), so that your readers have something to come back to.
Let me share this one personal thing as to why now:

If I hadn’t started writing again earlier this year, I would probably have suffered a second burn out during my current career. For me, personally, both writing and photography are outlets to a hectic day at the office and, well, life in general. Sometimes I end up staying awake all the night typing away, even though knowing I have to go to work early in the morning. I still see it as time well spent. And, even though tired the next day, I feel happy and exhilarated for the simple fact I actually am producing something concrete and interesting, which unfortunately, doesn’t usually happen in the day job.

Quoting myself from one of my posts: “A poem a day keeps the shrink at bay.
A great guideline to follow and it is working for me at least.

My advice, in case you asked, is, to set yourself some thirty minute aside each day and if nothing else, pour your minds flow onto the paper or as it is in these modern days, in bits and bytes. I know this may sound like cliched advice, but it’s better to force yourself to a routine of writing rather than postponing it for one reason or another. I know there are always excuses as to why not, but in the end, if you have a passion for writing, the excuse are just that – excuses.

Hang in there and don’t stop writing, EVER!