Gun’s Travel Log: Greece – Rhodes Island 10

“Do not consider painful what is good for you” Euripides

Gun’s Travel Log, Day Four: Greece, Rhodes: Day at the Spa

Gun’s travel log, stardate 11.08.2015, 12.30 EET (GMT +3)

An relaxing afternoon at the hotel spa enjoying various treatments today: Pink and Purple for the nails was the icing on the top!


pink-nails             pink-nails-2






Featuring the best spa in the Dodecanese with a luxurious range of spa facilities and spa treatments, the Amathus 5 star hotel with Spa in Rhodes invites travellers to elevate their senses to new heights. This soothing spa and wellness centre offers luxurious spa treatments and revitalizing spa massages amidst the most spectacular surroundings.

Prominent guests are welcome to indulge in the relaxing ambiance of the spa, swim in the heated pool and plunge in the Jacuzzi, enjoy an invigorating work out at the fully equipped fitness centre and experience the ultimate in luxurious pampering.




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Gun’s Travel Log: Greece – Rhodes Island 9

“He is a man of courage who does not run away, but remains at his post and fights against the enemy” Socrates

Gun’s Travel Log, Day Three: Greece, Rhodes: Ye Olde Town: The Harbour

Gun’s travel log, stardate 10.08.2015, 03.00 PM (GMT +3)

Mandraki Harbour


This, the largest of the islands in the Dodecanese, is a popular tourist destination. It is also a large charter base, so visiting mid-week provides a better chance of finding a berth. The main harbour for yachts is Mandraki on the north east tip of the island.

Position 36° 27.1’N, 28° 13.4’E. (Mandraki yacht harbour)

Rhodes town is very congested with crowds from cruise ships, ferries, holiday package groups, etc. and has thousands of shops and restaurants. Many cruisers prefer to moor in Lindos and take the bus up to Rhodes for the day

You can travel near or far from the Mandraki harbour. Pick up a ride for the day or join a cruiser and set sail for the distant lands. Or you may simply enjoy watching the very fine yahts docked at the piers and dream of a life of luxury…





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Gun’s Travel Log: Greece – Rhodes Island 8

“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature” Socrates

Gun’s Travel Log, Day Three: Greece, Rhodes: Ye Olde Town: Shopping

Gun’s travel log, stardate 10.08.2015, 02.00 PM (GMT +3)


Oh shop-keep, shop-keep?
Can you possibly assist me?
You see, I have all this money
Burning a hole in my pocket
No, I am not just being funny
Even though I ate a lot of chocolate
So pull out the inventory
And soon you will have a story
Of the crazy middle aged lady
Who bought your store empty


It was time to hit the shops. Our first stop was a gallery specializing in leather painted goods such as sandals, wallets, handbags and jewellery. Luckily the shop carried the “slender size 42” (EU size) in stock and I managed to get a pair of sandals into my possession in exchange for a fair amount of Euros. And by the way, I managed to get out of the shop with just one purchase, which in itself, is a record 😉

PS. A woman can never have to many shoes!

Venturing onwards to the shopping streets of many. Browsing, drooling, pondering over the bling blings, shoes – but of course and oh yes, if possible to find one more handbag for my collection of plenty.



Here are a few shops to check out if you are in the vicinity:

Top Notch




Jewellery Vergina 



And some more…



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