Gun’s Travel Log: Greece – Rhodes Island 19

“Even people who know nothing about Greece know something about Greece. The very name sparks visions of ancient civilizations that dominated the Mediterranean” Polly Letofsky

Gun’s Travel Log: Greece, Rhodes: Day Eight: Homeward bound

Gun’s travel log, stardate: Greece, City of Rhodes 12.00 PM EET (GMT +3)
Gun’s travel log, stardate: Finland, City of Espoo 04.00 PM EET (GMT +3)
Feels like only yesterday
We started on our holiday
Alas a week has passed
The time went really fast
We’re off to pack our bags
Oh what an eternal drag
On our way to the aeroport
Wishing the lines to be short

Soon enough
Taking off

Upwards to the blue skies
Above the clouds miles high
After a few hours spent
Homeland visible ahead
Preparing for the ascent
As easily done as said
Formalities and baggage claim
For final destination aim

Grabbing a taxi
Finally relaxing
A long day of travel
The throat like gravel
Not long now
Finally homeward bound

Travel is a lot of fun
Basking forever in the sun
But, after all is said and done
Is still sweet home!


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Gun’s Travel Log: Greece – Rhodes Island 18

“Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea” Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

Gun’s Travel Log: Greece, Rhodes: Ode to Rhodes

Gun’s travel log, stardate: Finland, EET (GMT +3)


Bye, bye beautiful island
It may not be my home land
But I promise once more to return
When the travel fever starts to burn
And I will start to yearn
Of the blue and turquoise sea
As far as the eye can see
Even though a Finn
Still loving the fun
And the warmth of the sun
On my skin
So maybe next year
You will see and hear
Me returning to this island 

















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