Caturday with Mr Diesel and Vänster the Cat (One)

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Photography /Tale /Poetry /Humour
Photo credits Miranda Kuusisto/Jessica Solingius

“It’s raining cats and dogs!”

Caturday with Mr Diesel and Vänster the Cat 

Another Saturday
But we call it Caturday
For this popular dog and his friend the cat
Whether they may sit or just lay out flat

Call them siblings and rivals
Because where ever the food falls
You can rest a sure
In a furry blur
Both of them will leap
And fall into a munching heap

But, when it’s time to play
You should also stay
If you cannot be a participant
Just sit around and chant
The dog and cat will do their part
And you can click on your camera real smart

Finally when all is said and done
And the evening comes to place the fun
It is time to lay on the sofa
Dog, cat and even Rosa
Let the sleep catch you all
Where ever we may fall