I Love Lucy

We all Love Lucy!


I ❤️Lucy                                                                                                                                                       More: On October 15, 1951 one of the greatest sitcoms premiered in America. I Love Lucy would go on to become an inspirational and groundbreaking television series. The first three episodes of this epic television show were put together as a way of making a television movie.

Desi Arnaz greets the audience welcoming them to the film. From there we are introduced the Ricardos and the Mertzes. The first three episodes: The Benefit, Breaking the Lease, and The Ballet would be in this “film”. In the first episode Lucy and Ethel try to plan a benefit, yet they find that convincing Ricky and Fred are no that easy. In Breaking the Lease, Ricky and Lucy decide they want to move out only to find that Ethel and Fred are not willing to let them out easily. Finally, in The Ballet, Lucy decides to try out for a ballet. However, she finds…

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Sleepy Cat, Sleepy Dog for Caturday

Posted in Caturday
Photography /Tale / Humour
Photo credits Miranda Kuusisto/Jessica Solingius

“Like cats and dogs they say,
When the two mixed are at play”

Sleepy Cat, Sleepy Dog for Caturday


Sleepy Kitty
Sleepy Doggy
Looking pretty
While feeling groggy
Outside soggy
Inside chilly
Better hide
Heads under covers glide
For today is not
For the outside

“Feeling hotter
Maybe much later
We’ll get up!”