Traffic Jam in January

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“Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous;
you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides”
Margaret Thatcher


Traffic Jam in January

Drive, stop
Drive, stop
Drive, stop

Morning traffic shock
Cannot drive
Cannot walk

“This is much worse
Than Bangkok!”

Where are we?
In little Finn town
On a route, ever so fine
Now under construction
It will be our destruction!

Drive, stop
Drive, stop
Drive, stop


Friday, the 13th

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“Don’t walk under any ladders,
Don’t break any mirrors,
Don’t spill any salt,
And don’t walk by any black cats.
Happy Friday the 13th!”

Friday, the 13th

Lock the doors
And shut the windows,
Close the curtains
Because who knows,
What uninvited
Behind them lurks!

Switch off all the lights
Under your beds go hide
Better fright than flight

Just because today,
Is Friday night
Of the 13th kind!