Tales (Halloween)

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“When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.”
~Author unknown



The cat hissed
Her tail totally frizzed
The witch loudly laughed
Stirring her brew with the wooden shaft
“Fear not, my furry kitten
It is not you who will be eaten
It is only the humans, who should be scared”
The witch said with an evil glare
For not many knew
Of the secret, reserved only for a few
The powers witches can share
For those really fair
So better be ware
Of all others take good care
Or at least your own litter
And maybe then
A little something for you the witches leave
Tonight, on all hallows eve


Monsters and Super Freaks (Halloween)

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“Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days.”
~Author unknown

Monsters and Super Freaks


Darkness surrounds me
In every corner do I see
Scary monsters lurking
Soon enough, freaking
Footfalls getting closer
I look over my shoulder
Fight or flight?
Did not even bring a knife

Picking up the pace
Looking for a hiding place
Nothing can be found
I turn around
Standing paralyzed
Totally petrified
Watching helplessly
Facing the enemy

Feeling hopeless
When a dark figure approaches
Scary Monsters, Super Freaks?
If lucky, geeks

Huffing and puffing
Its legs loudly scuffing
It stops in front of me
Looking at me, curiously
It’s mouth opening suddenly
With a voice leary
“Got a light deary?”


Painted Red for Seat Sunday

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“The judge told me to approach the bench.
We were in a park”
Jarod Kintz,

Painted Red

The only bright spot
In the entire parking lot
In the midst of suburbia
Causing a minor hysteria
The colour of reddest red
Some say, it joy may spread

Carefully trying to sit
Just to see, if it is a fit
After I little while
I started to smile
The colour seemed to be
A perfect choice for me

And soon enough…
As far as the eye could see
All the red painted seats
Were occupied to the extreme

There is something to be said
Of the colour red
It never leaves you cold
Yes, and I too was sold

Tails of the Black Cat part two

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“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
― James Herriot

Tails of the Black Cat

The furry black cat
On the sidewalk sat
Looking for that rat
Who had entered the flat
The flat where the cat
Slept on the mat
Now ready for combat
With the daring rat
Who had woken the cat
From his well earned nap

“Soon I will you catch,
You feisty little rat!
I bet you taste like a bat
And possibly are non-fat
After all that
I will finally have my nap
On my comfy little mat!”


First Snow Fell

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“Oh Winter, thou art a heartless bitch!”

First Snow Fell

Snow fell
What the hell?
If you can’t beat it
Just admit it:
You are defeated!

Dig deep in the closet
For that ensamble snow set
And remember what you bet:
Not to another winter,
Will my foot inside set!

So now in my window
Watching the snow fall
Mind wandering to a climate warm
With only sunshine and no storm
As the snow fell more steadily
I was sighing quite heavily

But just remember
Those rainy dark days in September
Guess snow in October
Will lighten the mood and nature
To a state of less hature!?

What Ever!!!

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“Screw you guys,
I’m going home!”
Eric Cartman

What Ever

You were smiling
Feeling charming
And quite beguiling
The sun was shining
This was supposed to be
A great day
For a song or a play

But then it turned out to be
Something else completely
It turned out to be
One of *those days*
Struck you in the face
Run over like a ten ton truck
And disappear without a trace

What the fuck?
Feeling like a schmuck
Completely out of luck
Standing in the rain
Without an umbrella
Almost going insane
And not from singing a cappella

So I say “What ever!”
And take my leave