Smokey Friday for Freaky Friday I two

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“It’s always difficult to keep Fridays confined within themselves
…they tend to spill over”
Kai Sinclair

Smokey Friday

Foggy, cold, damp. Do I need to this list add? Oh why was this weather made to last?

I could not wait to get out of here fast!

Staring, at the bright coloured images on the wall, that moment trying to stall. Memories from the year last, were filling my mind fast. Wondering, was it still possible? Maybe if I let something go?

Thinking, thinking, thinking. One more look outside, and there it was: I had decided.

Running into the bedroom, opening the closet door, taking out my suitcase and quickly, not deciding,

taking out some clothing. Sooner than later, the bag was packed. I had just stuff grabbed and now on my way downstairs, passport in one hand, suitcase in the other. Anything else, I could not be bothered.

Calling the taxi, anticipating, blasting, why I had not thought of this sooner.

Never mind, better later I told myself as the taxi arrived and it I hailed.

The door slammed shut, I was sitting on my butt and on my way, where ever, because here I could not stay: preferably sunshine and sandy beaches, as far as the eye sight reaches….

The End