Wonder Woman

WONDER WOMAN by Björn Rudberg: Happy Womens Day All!

Björn Rudbergs writings

Willowbender woman — you
wind and force of fury,
sage and savory;
woman sun and rainbowmender,

your day today is bright
but you are mostly every night,
women — you
are moon and might.
Wondergender woman — you.

A tribute to every woman, to all the women. Written for dVerse OLN where Grace hosts tonight.

March 8, 2018

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Black and White Photo Challenge, Day 1

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“In the beginning it was all black and white” Maureen O’Hara

Day 1

Snow covering, all of the land
Just like designed and planned
The Winter’s hand
Lays heavily on each strand
Not one inch de-clutched
Not one place untouched
Nature has made its mark
With a white noiseless bark