The Label Maker for TBT

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“Labels are for cans, not people” Anthony Rap

The Label Maker

Hey you with your label maker!
You like tagging people don’t ya, you faker!
You went right by me and took one look
Stuck this sticker on my forehead without a single hook
I am having a hard time getting it off
Did you think it would make a great perma-label on this spot?

But guess what, you nut
I washed my face with potent soap in a rut
With a huff and a puff
My forehead finally crystal clear and clean again
Luckily without the use of acid rain
And nothing of it sticking to my brain

No amount of glue
Will keep the sticker on my face
Your plan went sadly askew
Or were you just in the wrong place
Memorize this lesson
Into your big fat head
Go find some cans for making the impression
And label some of them instead