Quote a Week Tuesday (with some thoughts)

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“The only photograph I regret is the one I did not take” Gun Roswell

Thoughts for Quote a Week Tuesday

People often ask me what kind of camera I use. I must confess, after being a pix snapper for forty years, I have come to the conclusion, that the camera does not make the shot, I do. I used to drag all sorts of equipment with me even on travels, but since the advent of the digital format, I prefer to carry the smallest one with me, or just the mobile phone.

Of course there are advantages to SLR and various lens options, but then again, I rarely get the opportunity to just spend my time pic snapping anymore and when the opportunity for a great shot arises, I don’t care what camera I have with me, as long as I get the shot.

There are those who disagree with me and I agree not all of the snaps turn out as I imagined, but for me personally, the idea is more important than technical perfection. An image can be perfect in all ways, but still have no content. Even an out of focus image with a great vision, can be perfect. And in the end, if you yourself like it, then it is great!

Meanwhile, I think we can all agree on Chase Jarvis’ quote:

“The best camera is the one you have with you”