A Trip to the Market for Seat Sunday

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“Superman don’t need no seat belt” Muhammad Ali

A Trip to the Market

Took a quick trip
To the market
Almost flipped
Near the target
Needed a sit
Before the bargain
Charging circuits
To get things started
With all my wit
And whole hearted

Ready for fighting
For the bargain
In the discount market

Captain, My Captain

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“Ma’am is acceptable in a crunch, but I prefer Captain” Captain Janeway, Star Trek Voyager

Captain, My Captain

Hair in a bun
Phaser on stun
Cool on the outside
Passionate on the inside
Charging off to battle
Borg, Hirogen, Kazon no matter
The enemy
She can be a frenemy
To get the job done
So pick up your gun
And follow her to hell and back
Pick up the slack
In your action be fair and square
And avoid the death glare
Both fierce and delightful
Quite a handfull
Full of action
She is our Captain

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