Life is a Boxing Match in TBT

Posted in Throwback Thursday

“Boxing is real easy. Life is much harder” Floyd Mayweather, Jr.


Life is a Boxing Match

The gloves are on
The arena awaits you
From the illusion of winning
Your head is spinning
The chanting getting louder
You’re feeling prouder

The plan was a clean fight
No hitting below the belt
The deal fitting your own self
No more time for flight
The crowd is cheering
You are leering

At the ding of the gong
The fight is on
Dancing around
Pulling punches
No one going down
The referee announces

No one is winning

It is time
To up the ante

The gloves come off
The game now on
You start to scoff
Your mind’s set only on the con
Spitting out words of slander
Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

Hair being torn
Nails like thorns
Feeling the scorn
Scratching, screaming
Ending only in
Real blood and tearing

No one is winning

It is time
For plan C