Fav Foto Friday (2018-08-31)

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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” Dorothea Lange

Favourite Photo Of the Week

So many to choose from
I don’t even know
Where they all come from
But I guess it is the how
I am the only one to blame
If some of them gets the fame
This is what I chose this week
Hope it is what you all seek

To boldly go where no Woman has gone before I part one (TBT)

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“Well, it’s worked so far, but we are not off yet” Dr McCoy, Star Trek

Alien Planets

To boldly go where no Woman has gone before

The final
So far
And yet
So near

Entering the spaceship
Ready for a long trip
Going to Mars?
Or even farther beyond?
Following the stars
Over the magic pond

Through the window
Feelings of alone
One trail of thought
As the mental guide
Trying not to get caught
In a state of confined…

A Day in the Island of Kos for WWW (two)

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“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop

A Day in the Island of Kos for WWW

Plenty a sights to see, from the ruins of old to the more recent palm trees.
Early morning take off, with a huff and a puff and a scoff, we managed to catch the bus, without too much fuss.

A few stops on the way, to pick up many a stray, or possible tourists from the nearby village 😉
We were en route, the roads not so smooth, traffic heavy, especially when nearing the city.

Finally, arriving. One hour, in a minimalistic bus, where knees were hitting your chin, and barely managed to squeeze your derriere into the seat.
Now, finally free, to do as we please!


First stop, archeological digs! If we can only get across the heavy traffic street!
Eventually, reaching the site, reading the map, filling in the gaps and enjoying the views.

“Snap, snap, snap!”
Now I recorded that!
Nice memories to enjoy now and in the coming years.

Each ruin tells a story. What, who, why, when, can you picture from the remaining frame?
History unfolds, as now and for years told.

Midday: The sun burning on the skin, sweat pouring even from my chins!
What to do?
A light lunch, or call it a brunch?

After that, a fully packed afternoon, with fun filled adventure: So into the trenches, we are ready for more, what ever this town has in store!

Much later: the fortress has been thoroughly searched, for whatever secrets in there lurched.

Now, before heading home, or the borrowed accommodations, for this week’s station:
Shopping, shopping, shopping!
And then…
… to crown the day, a healthy can with sweet, sweet ice coffee inside! Oh what an joyous ride!

Writing on the Wall for Mundane Monday

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“I think you can find all the elements that you can find in great literature in mundane experiences” Harvey Pekar

Writing on the Wall

Mysterious graffiti on the wall..
The artistic views of street dwellers under influence of alcohol
Or possibly an alien message; someone who just wanted to make a home call

Monolith for Fav Foto Friday

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“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution” Ansel Adams



Tall, dark and mysterious
Standing by itself, all serious
Staring at it, getting nervous
Or maybe I am, just a little delirious

The Devil asked for my Little Finger but stole my Whole Hand for TBT

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“I wake up and I see the face of the devil and I ask her, “What time is it?”
And she says, How much time do you want?” Diamanda Galás

The Devil asked for my Little Finger but stole my Whole Hand

You finally sunk onto the level
Where you were ready to deal with the Devil
Cutting the deal might have seemed easy
But what you found out made you queasy

What you didn’t realize when offering one finger
The Devil had hers crossed while your decision was a linger
What you thought was a small and simple deal
Turned out to be much more than a steal

You see, when striking a deal with the Devil
You will be entering at your own peril
To a contract you think you can choose
Much more than you care to loose

So, now that you got what you wanted
Still, you can’t help feeling haunted
Your eyes always checking the stern
Wondering, if and when she will return…

A Day in the Island of Kos for WWW (one)

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“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop

A Day in the Island of Kos for WWW

I’ll tell you no lies:
There were blue skies
Clear and cool as ice
Worth while
Ye old blue eyes

Fun in the Sun

funinthesun 3

Feeling lazy
Real life, all hazy
Turquoise waters
With no otters
Laying about
No doubt!
No hurries
No worries
Just living
For today
I could stay
Than a week!