Sunday On My Mind

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“Sunday is so much better than Monday” Gun Roswell

Sunday On My Mind

Why, is Sunday
Always on my mind?
When the working week starts
And Monday feelings smart
I have Sunday on my mind
If Tuesday brings some fun
Until Wednesday things get done
But enter Thursday
A total loose day
And again, I have Sunday on my mind
Finally Friday arrives
My face all in smiles
Feelings of Sunday on the arise
Quickly passes Saturday
My proverbial Caturday
One more night to sleep
In a slumber so deep
Dreaming, of Sunday
The one day
Always, on my mind
Oh universe, please be so kind
And let it always be, Sunday!

Clockwork Apple

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“There’s no rule
that says you have to make records constantly,
like clockwork,
to continue being who you are”
Daron Malakian

Clockwork Apple


The Apple

If you’ve eaten a red apple
A hold of you it will grapple
There is no use to struggle
For the Evil Queen known to few
Has gotten, a tight hold on you

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, and a Writer (in TBT)

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“I’m a writer and, therefore, automatically a suspicious character” – Alfred Hitchcock

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, and a Writer

Looking into
A writers mind
You may phew
On what you find

Look in,



Tinker, Tailor,
Soldier, Sailor,
Rich Man, Poor Man,
Beggar Man, Thief

Peeping Tom, Stalker
Pervert, Prude 
Sister, Brother
Loud Mouth, Mute


Killer, Saviour
Bad behaviour?

Winner, Looser
Coward, Hero
Or simply a Zero?

Storyteller, Liar
Truth teller, Denier

A questionable character?
Or just a clever Actor?
Or, on a Path?

Writer, Politician, or a Crook?
Did I get you hooked?

Crete revisited – Water life – Gone a Fishing

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“Travelling can be such fun, unless it’s not” Gun Roswell

Gone a Fishing

When the sign says, “Gone fishing”
That means all the bells and whistles that usually ring
Have completely silenced for the afternoon
And the boat is way, way out there in the lagoon

Don’t try to call me on my mobile phone
Do not tempt me with a sweet or a scone
I am completely out of it all for a while
And no matter who says what, I’m doing it in style

Fishing, fishing, ain’t catching a damn thing
But I am singing, grinning and clinging
Onto a hope, for catching a big fish to sell
Or at least, the tallest of tales to everyone to tell

Sleeping Beauty

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“It’s a dog, not a cat?” Gun Roswell

Sleeping Beauty

Let the sleeping dogs lie
Even, if they gravity defy
Am eternal beauty
From a different perspective
Of his privacy be respective

Drooling and snoring
Maybe some dreams scoring
But the cuddly face adoring
Especially, when just waking
And widely yawning

The cuddly little mister
May dream of a sister
But this sleeping beauty
Will be ready for duty
Any time!