Black cat

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“A black cat crossed the road…
…Yes, and?” Gun Roswell

Black cat

A black cat on Halloween?
How quaint it is, seems all the
Cliches coming to life huh?

But it cannot help its
Colour, nor that it looks like something
Out of a story book

It’s just a cat, gorgeous
One at that, but still, an animal
Living its life, on the

Streets, trying to get feed
And if it happens to be on
All hallows eve, then fine

It seems even more divine
And trick or treat, it won’t be
Defeated, by some scary humans


Happy Halloween to One and All!

Three times the Halloween

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“Scary times are ahead of us…
… Maybe” Gun Roswell

Three times the Halloween

The black cat met the
Black crow in the eerie night forest
They decided to scare the

Shit out of all Hoomans
On this hallows eve, including their neighbour
Steve, and I do believe

There were not a dry
Pair of pants in the house, when
Even the mouse soiled itself

Pond (part two)

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“On the green pond, I sit and ponder” Gun Roswell


The flowers at the pond
Quietly on the waters calm surface flow
Nothing stirs them, nothing moves

Until a gust of wind
Makes a motion, causing all of them
To start towards each other

Flow, soon finding patterns only
Limited by my own imagination, nature’s tools of
Art best used here, now

A seat in black and white I one

Posted in Seat Sunday

“So many seats to choose from” Gun Roswell

A seat in black and white

A chair,
So comfy
When seated,
You hear
The “umpf”-ies
None too wide
None too narrow
Just perfect
For any kind
Of derrière

Once you seat in
It will take you for a spin
Into the la la lands
Like laying on soft sand

The power
Of this chair
So deep
You want it
For your lair
Sleep in it
Eat in it
You will never
Get another
Like this

Alien world

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“Looking into an completely alien world” Gun Roswell

Alien world

In to a new alien
World, in your dreams you were hurled
A place so sacred, only

A chosen few, are allowed
To visit, look around, all around, what
Do you find? Be careful!

Look at the highest skies
On to the lowest grounds, try to
Remember what you see and feel

The sights, the sounds, the
Fragrants around you, see, remember, for this
Is once in a life

Time trip, without any return