Black cat

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“A black cat crossed the road…
…Yes, and?” Gun Roswell

Black cat

A black cat on Halloween?
How quaint it is, seems all the
Cliches coming to life huh?

But it cannot help its
Colour, nor that it looks like something
Out of a story book

It’s just a cat, gorgeous
One at that, but still, an animal
Living its life, on the

Streets, trying to get feed
And if it happens to be on
All hallows eve, then fine

It seems even more divine
And trick or treat, it won’t be
Defeated, by some scary humans


Happy Halloween to One and All!

Three times the Halloween

Posted in Haiku/Halloween

“Scary times are ahead of us…
… Maybe” Gun Roswell

Three times the Halloween

The black cat met the
Black crow in the eerie night forest
They decided to scare the

Shit out of all Hoomans
On this hallows eve, including their neighbour
Steve, and I do believe

There were not a dry
Pair of pants in the house, when
Even the mouse soiled itself