Uphill battle

“First you’re up then you’re down” Gun Roswell

Uphill battle

Up the steep hill struggling
My feet sliding on the slippery stones
Trying hard not to fall

Ancient ruins beckoning to be
Checked, have to reach the top or
It is a total flop

Breathing is heavy, so loud
The local fauna wondered what the hell
Is this ruckus all about


They all gathered to stare
As further up I climbed the stairs
Until finally I was there

Mama’s bar

“Fine dining today” Gun Roswell

Mama’s bar

Entering Mama’s bar with mouth
Ajar, drool running freely from the corners
As the smells assault each

And every sense I have
Anticipating the taste of servings so plenty
I am silently thanking the

One who into this wonderful
Sent me, knowing what my tastes would
Be as far as food

Would be concerned and knowing
How much I love the local cuisine
Today, I will certainly feast!

Tuesdays keep on coming

“It’s another day of the week, naturally!” Gun Roswell

Tuesdays keep on coming

The days come along one by one (usually the way they do)
It’s almost like singing a song (verse by verse moving along)
Today it’s Tuesday, when only yesterday it was Sunday (that’s how I recall it)
And now, it’s getting late, no matter how I hesitate, tomorrow will be here, I can feel it near (What do you know: It’s Wednesday and midweek, what a geek!)

Guess I need to stop worrying about Mondays anyway (Oh, did you worry before? Did not know that…)
Since the days keep on changing without my aid (Yeah, need a time machine for that!)
Why worry about some day, when there is always the next day (True, do like the Spanish do, manana!)
So, on this day of …ahem, Tuesday, I swear, not to worry about another damned day!!! (Liar! You know this promise or what ever is as good as the up and down going fever! You will never keep it, trust me, I know shit!)

Bring it on Tuesday, Wednesday and even Friday (Don’t forget Monday and something else!)
Every day, from this day on is my day (note to writer, how many times can you get away with the word “day”?)
I will start appreciating the here and now (Yeah, really! Like to see that)
And then, if not, nobody have a cow! (We already did! It’s there in the backyard!)

Office Life on a Mundane Monday

“Mondays are mundane, like Tuesdays minus 24 hours.

Office Life

“It’s snowing outside”

She loudly out cried
When through the window eyed
But then, with one quick stride
Without even a good-bye
And to everyone’s surprise
She was gone like a spy
Out into the great wild
Also known as the outside

Sunday, again!

“Sundays are the worst” Gun Roswell

Sunday, again!

Sunday has crept upon us again
It was just Friday a minute ago, then
This day turned up on the early morning clock
Without one single warning, we could not stop
The time from progressing further
No where to hide or turn there
Where we really wanted to go
Friday, and this time make it go slow

No more Sunday in the foreseeable future
This day, seems to be complete torture
A promise of silence and peace
A complete bliss and mind release
But what really happens on this day
Is the beginning of anxiety of the horrid Monday
When all freedom is ripped
And into the mundane rat race we are dipped
Where all hope goes to die
And our wings are clipped preventing us to fly

So why do I hate Sundays?
(Panic attack getting worse)

It’s the day next to Monday!!!

Tallinn, Estonia I continued

“We travel, some of us forever,
to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” –
Anais Nin

Tallinn, Estonia 


Narrow alleyways
And painted windows
The old town is full of
Perfect hideaways




A church from the past
Should be quite the blast
It was built to last
It may be run down
But hey, this is the old town!




Driving a Lada-car
Will probably not get you very far
But most likely
To the nearest bar
Where you are always, the star!


Image:If the Shoe Fits I two

If the Shoe Fits

“I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic.
I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. And she likes shoes.
The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I’m a big shoe girl”
Amy Adams

The Evil Red Shoe Queen 

“Mirror mirror on the wall
Am I still the evilest of them all?
And more precisely, are my shoes
The shiniest in the world?

The Red Shoe Queen demanded the mirror.

An image appeared into the mirror’s glass and with an evil grin responded:

“Undoubtedly, you are quite evil, my dearest Queen. But, there is another….”

The Queen stared at the mirror, wanting it to crack, from a mere look.

If the Shoe Fits I one

If the Shoe Fits

“I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic.
I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. And she likes shoes.
The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I’m a big shoe girl”
Amy Adams

Little Red Riding Shoes

Meanwhile, in the deepest of forests, a young girl was on her way to the shoemakers house.

Hop, skip and a twirl,
Little Red Riding Shoes was about to hurl!
Too much fun, pardon the pun
Can cause a headache most foul
And make your stomach scream and growl!

To be continued…

Winter Moon

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation” Paul Theroux


Winter Moon

Early winter morning
Early, before the dawning
Fresh tracks in the powdery snow
Carefully found before the wind blows

The snowflakes frozen
Glazed against the window
Ski tracks on the ground
But not a soul to be found

The crescent moon
Present before noon
But not far behind
The sun with its shine