Blue door

“What’s behind the door?” Gun Roswell

Blue door

Step in through the door
In the colour of blue, that is
If you dare, did I

Give you a scare or
Is your face so pale by nature?
So do let yourself inside

Who knows what scary things
You may find, after all, this is
A tale for the odd

And peculiar people, who like
To dabble in the adventures beyond an
Explanation from this world maybe

Even horror or some sort
Of supernatural thing, which will make your
Heart sing, until it it

Pops out and lays still
On the ground until you pop it
Back, and all is well.


Beginning of a journey

“The journey begins” Gun Roswell

Beginning of a journey

Early rise, beginning the begin, with a smile
On the long train, on my way
Feeling the speed, for looking back, no need
Always on the move, finding my groove
The journey ahead, all my life to this lead
People passing by, giving me the high five
I know I’m on the right track, so giving myself some slack
Soon another place in front of me, and I want everything to see
Until the time, when the bells chime
As it’s time for me to move along
But not without singing a song
And with that, there is nothing wrong

On the top

“From the highest mountain top, shouting out loud, until I drop” Gun Roswell

On the top

Climbing as high as I possible can
But of climbing, I am not really a fan
As I start to ascend, I know I am making a new trend
making it to the utmost top, no way I may this flop

Climbing, climbing, climbing until I drop
Nothing, no nothing, can make me stop
I am going to make it, up there, where the clouds lay
And when I reach the tallest top, I am there to stay


“No matter the cup, coffee can never taste bad” Gun Roswell


On old beat up, chipped and faded cup i have
The only survivor of a life past and sad
But when i pour that dark and scented liquid slowly in to it
It’s almost as breathing new life bit by bit

The soaring hot beverage filling the cup to the hilt
But the old crockery doesn’t seem to mind one bit
Keeping it fresh and nice until i am able to drink
Being a trusted tool even after all this time
Yes, with this one i really got lucky and keeping in mind
When venturing out next time
And shopping for cheap imitations
Which can never replace, an old sensation

Lit Up

“Follow the light!?” Gun Roswell

Lit Up

Follow me out of the darkness
Through, this, narrow passage
I cannot guarantee you the future
This, solution, is only a suture
But, if you dare to take this leap
It won’t cost much but it’s actually very cheap
A small step, the first on of many
And, after a while, you’ll notice the changes
The darkness fading, as will all the blaming
Self doubt, sadness and hating
Before you know it, you’ll be surrounded
By all the light and colours you could imagine
As a reward, for discarding all that doubting

Metallic Twist

“Oh I’ll twist it right, in there!” Gun Roswell

Metallic Twist

In a twist of metal, she was born
In the early hours, before sunrise, at dawn
She stretched extremities with a yawn
And then realized, in full length, she was not small

Now, in the middle of the room on her pedestal
She stands there, people gawking, like she was an angel
But she does not mind, she gets off on the stares
Even with an expressionless face, internally, she glares

For she, is no angel, nor is a mere mortal
Her goal to stir trouble, ever since arriving through that portal
The poor artist in creation, was never the wiser poor soul
Of what evil things he let loose, twisting that metallic roll

She is no hurry, watching, waiting, for that special moment
When everyone is under her spell, and then only starts the torment
The eternal yearning, the struggle within, of wanting, never having
That is her agenda, to raise hope, but never giving

Winter Architecture

“Snow versus the concrete, that’s really neat!” Gun Roswell

Winter Architecture

When a lot of snow poured
Onto the suburbian plateaus
The scene of the architecture
Changed the whole structure
Of the way people viewed
As everything looked brand new

But of course there were always those few
Who were quick to criticize without a preview
Retorting it was nothing but a hoax
Of the now gorgeous and pristine wintry cloak
Always the naysayers never enjoying life
Because it’s apparently more constructive to be with strife

Alas the others did not care
But strolled outside without scare
Standing in the streets and in awe stare
After all, for some, it was still fair
To enjoy life and all the changes there

Happy Birthday, William Shatner!

Happy Birthday, William Shatner!

O Captain, my Captain!
Or is it Mr William Shatner?
Difficult to separate
Call it luck or call it fate

Watching my favourite show
Alerted by the familiar klaxon
Captain James T Kirk is on
Then nothing can go wrong

When on Vulcan
Do as the Vulcans do
Dear Captain, my Captain
Dear Mr Shatner

Live Long and Prosper!