Launch pad

“Zoom, and into the moon, we go!” Gun Roswell

Launch pad

“Time for launch, t minus ten minutes. Astronauts, please prepare for lift off!”

The scared first timers, are waiting for the final tome, as, they’re prepared to, go to the moon

Not too long ago, when time was still going very slow
The dreamers were plotting, in silence and soft corners squatting
For that special day in the future, were humanity would embark on an adventure
Flying to the far away stars, landing on the luminescent ball, hoping off it not to fall

Now that the moment is finally here
Keeping a watchful eye on the bright sphere
Which soon will be conquered, at least the image of it conjured
On each and every small screen, a large scale spectacle, never before seen

“T minus one minute to lift off. Those not prepared going to the moon, better clear the area, soon!”

And so the moment long awaited, which some say, was too long hesitated
Is finally here, no time for fear, as the engines roar, and up there, the rocket soars