Pegasus (WWW) 3

“The winged horsy animal” Gun Roswell


A study in ancient history
Will reveal more secrets beyond the imaginary
For example a white horse

With wings spread across the
Eternal skies, as he high up there
Flies, working for the gods

Of the legends now coming
To life, in the present, as the
Tale of the white horse

Keeps going on for seekers
And other fans of history, look up
You may catch a glimpse

Of the marble wonder horse
Running, flapping, gliding, across the universe proudly
Flying, never stopping for anyone

Pegasus (WWW) 1

“The winged horsy animal” Gun Roswell


The mighty white stallion with
Wings on his back, flying around in
Ancient times like a bird

Descended from gods, made of
Shiny marble, a true marble for both
Modern times and of history

Ride it no one dares
Tame it, it will give a scare
Alas, well he did not

Fare, in the end into
Heavens did he ascend, joining his brothers
And the rest of gods