Three times the Ruins 1

“Look back, all they way back” Gun Roswell

Three times the Ruins

The Amphi-Theatre

Only, in the city of Athens
Can you find, a theatre, on top of the ruins
The ghosts of all the ancient thespians
Playing their parts better than any one alive can

Listen,learn, and take a good long around
The buildings and mighty castles might haven been torn down
Pillaged, plundered, and even burnt to the ground
But inside these walls of history, there are secrets to be found

Sit down on the rock solid seats near
Wait a moment, for the actors to appear
Enjoy the play, of tales from the past
You can stay as long as you like,
For his performance will forever last

Three times the Ruins 3

“Look back, all they way back” Gun Roswell

Three times the Ruins

Marble on Turquoise

Marvel the marbles so pristine
Even after centuries, in the sunlight they gleam
The skies so blue, in every shade of hue
Sometimes turning into turquoise, maybe by choice
But stunning no less, I must confess

The ancient ruins, the pillars of knowledge
Just as knew and shiny like brought here from storage
Telling us all kinds of stories
From the past, until today, but never boring
Structures, architecture, just feel that texture

They don’t build them like they used to
That is one thing for sure!

Three times the Ruins 2

“Look back, all they way back” Gun Roswell

Three times the Ruins

View from up Here

Once you have climbed to the tallest of mountains
The view, from up there, is nothing short of breathtaking
City scapes of the ancient past, may not have long to last
But the tales of endless history, will even the evidence surpass

Sit a moment, enjoy the silence
Then listen carefully, of the whispers
Of all those, whom here before you have passed
They have left their mark, just look in the grass

The footfalls may have fainted, the buildings now tainted
But remembering the times of yester year
Means nothing ever will ever disappear
As long as we remember our own past, it will here forever last