Going, going, going… Gone!

“You won’t miss it, until it’s gone, and then, you may end up crying” Gun Roswell

Going, going, going… Gone!

A sunrise, a scented flower, or even, a pretty face
Here today, but, suddenly gone, without one single trace
You try to look for it, in all the familiar places
But alas, there is nothing left, no image, no smell, even the shadows have disappeared
Everything vanished, completely wiped out, nothing left, but an empty space

What happened? You may think
As it takes such a long time for the realization to sink
When did I see it?
It was just there a moment ago, I remember it quite clearly,
It was just there, just yesterday, or was it a year ago, maybe even ten?
What the hell happened?
Am I remembering correctly, or was it all a false memory,
Maybe an illusion, some kind of self-made delusion?
Where did the time go?

It’s all just temporary, like a juicy bit strawberry
Only good for one day, then it will slowly start to decay
Leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth
Thinking what the hell was I really thinking about
I was trying to cherish the redness of it all
Trying my devouring, my tasting to stall
But now it is almost gone
So, where oh where did I go wrong?

Use it, eat it, visit it, live it, contact them
As everything in existence, they only remain for an instant
Then under the hammer they all will go
Going once, going twice, going three times, and then, gone!