Hoist the Sails I two

“Time for summer winds and sails” Gun Roswell

Hoist the Sails

Alone at the seas

In the middle of nowhere
Nothing to see and nothing to guide her
The tiny vessel with a lonesome sail
You and her, looking mighty frail

Prayers and wishes are of no use
But turning back you totally refuse
Still running low on supplies and fuse
Wondering “what the hell am I to do?”

Then it gets darker, now that wasn’t smarter
Surely we are doomed, and it’s all ending too soon
Alas, a few dots of light, in the high skies
Suddenly appear, an all that shaking fear, will completely disappear

When steering by the northern star
The land can never be too far
And finding a safe harbor, not a huge labor
Any longer, and as closer you get, feeling of living another day, getting so much stronger