Seats on the sunny side

“Take a load of, sit down, enjoy, the sun” Gun Roswell

Seats on the sunny side

When the sun shines
Shines, so totally fine
Fine, is the whole wide world
World, open, out going, bright
Bright, as the sun shining
Shining, high up in the clear blue skies
Skies, so cool and blue
Blue, the great hue in contrast

Contrast to the colour filled ground
Ground, on to which a few seats
Seats, to sit on for rest
Rest, to enjoy the clear blue skies and sun
Sun, which under it is time to rest
Rest on the seats set
Set, under the sunny side of the world
World, which enjoys the season
Season of summer
Summer, when it’s time to relax
Relax, on these seats
Seats, on the sunny side of life