Travel in monochrome 2

“See the world in black and white, and a few greys too!” Gun Roswell

Travel in monochrome 

When travelling around the world
World, this nice round blue orb you were on to hurled
Hurled, like a whirl wind out of the blue
Blue, as is the colour of the sky’s hue
Hue, derived from the ocean so cool
Cool, as the wind which blows on the sea

Sea, which can be soft and hard at the same time
Time, is what takes you around the planet
Planet so colourful, yet so black and white
White, as the clouds hanging from above
Above, is where I would like to be sometimes
Sometimes, when all I see is grey
Grey, is the colour of this beautiful place

Place, which is at it’s best every single day
Day, when the clouds are raining
Raining, and the world turns to monochrome
Monochrome, so many colours, but only one
One. like this gorgeous place we live on