It’s a Bees Life

“It looks so cool to be able to fly around all the time” Gun Roswell

It’s a Bees Life

It’s a fun way of life
Life, up in the skies
Skies, so blue it’s almost, untrue
Untrue, as I seem to be
Be, as I am a flying bee

From flower to flower I pop
Pop, and open up each lot
Lot, are there to choose from
From, each and every one
One, or more I drain from

Flying, buzzing, never stopping
Stopping, only for some shopping
Shopping, for the nectar I need
Need, as my queen I will feed
Feed, until she can no more eat

It’s a bees life
Life, without a strife
Strife as the humans see it
It, well, hey shit!
I might get stomped on!