Summer, summer, where art thou summer?

“Summer, should be I think, as the calendar says, “July”, but why is it snowing?” Gun Roswell

Summer, summer, where art thou summer?

When the month of July is upon
You start, to really hard, to wonder on
As to where the summer has gone

It did not appear at all this year
And then you already start to fear
As the winter season slowly but surely grows near

It’s not so warm as you might have expected
But if you look close enough, you can something detect
A ray of light, on to the waters edge reflected

Maybe there is still hope after all
Before the coming of a complete fall
Despite the weather so gloomy and dulll
At least it’s not as freezing cold
Even if the weather forecast hail showed
And it’s above the freezing point or so

Summer in the month of July
Sometimes it’s good sometimes, just fine
But there is really no denying:
It could be worse, as we could have snow