Well worth the wait

“Call it what you will, I call it, a life savior” Gun Roswell

Well worth the wait

I was struggling, I was tired, I was totally beaten
As if life itself, somehow, had me completely cheated
I was anxious but confused, I was restless but still so used up I could hardly move
To be honest, I had completely and utterly lost, my groove
So, now, what to do?

Then, a sweet tempting scent
Up to my nostrils and into my brain went
I felt the lure of the smell so pure
So refined, so totally divine, it could only be something so fine
And i knew then, that without it, I would most certainly, die

Getting up, slowly, but surely walking towards the heavenly scent
Don’t care even if I need to have my last dime spent
But I know I want it, I need it, and I am determined to get it
And as I finally wrap my hands around the most precious gift
I will know, it will well be worth the wait