Sunday frappé

“Slow Sunday’s with coffee, what could be better than that?” Gun Roswell

Sunday frappé

Cool, tasty, with a hint of sugar and ice
This, is the only two kind of spice
My coffee, for this Sunday, needs

Sitting in my favourite spot
I am not going to move, until such
Time that my cup runs empty

Enjoying my excellently made drink
As deeper into the plushy cushions I sink
Only, when the final drip is gone

Will I get up, with a huff, then a puff
Quickly making another delicious cup
Filled with coffee, milk and the other stuff

Back to my awaiting recliner
I will my day spent never minding
The other folk outside in the open wild

For Sunday is my day of rest
I will lazy around like the best
And when I fall asleep,
I will be dreaming of the next Sunday indeed!