Last days of summer

“Summer endings are such sad things“ Gun Roswell

Last days of summer

Before, it, the season, of joy, of fun, of sun, really started
Started, in a big flash of light, and then, it was, already over
Over, as the end, of the very long, bright, summer days
Days, which I wished had lasted, so, so much longer
Longer, than the cold dreary days, of the dark winter, which in, my bones I feel
Feel, so sad, so bad, so not wanting, ever again, to go back
Back, to the so called everyday, grey normal
Normal, is not, what I want, but only for, these summer’s days, to be

Be, exist, live, love, in the everlasting, long, warm, lightened days
Days, so much longer, than the cooler blue lit nights
Nights, never dark, never long, never scary and never, ever cold
Cold, like everything else, which is not, of summer
Summer, oh my dear, you are, my one and only saviour, in good and bad
Bad, is only the time, when you are gone
Gone, well, at least, until, the new year, the next year
Year, when I hope, you will finally stay, for so much more longer