The Indie Writer’s Handbook

Nicholas C. Rossis

I was lucky enough to be sent an ARC for The Indie Writer’s Handbook by one of my favorite authors, David Wind. David has included a kind mention to this blog in his book, which is specifically aimed at Indies, hence the ARC.

“A great primer for new Indie authors (as well as ones who have been around and are wondering if they are doing everything they can to succeed). The easy, conversational style makes the fact that it is packed with information painless, the screenshot walk-thru’s of how to fill-out and accomplish various tasks online were a great idea – I’d definitely recommend!”

USA Today and WSJ Bestselling Indie Author Amy Vansant

David Wind

David Wind is a Hybrid author with 40 books of fiction published both Traditionally and Independently. He is a member of the Authors Guild, The Mystery Writers of America, The Science Fiction and Fantasy…

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Halos on discount

“It’s not always a sign of a saint” Gun Roswell

Halos on discount

I may be wearing a halo, at least some days when I am feeling low
Thinking of all the good deeds done in my past, but this feeling will not long last
I am sinking so fast, my crown of of a halo
Soon will be the only thing surviving the blast
But the waters soon will calm down
And on the surface floats, my well earned halo crown