Dreams and the Truth

“When I grow up, I want to be everything, smart, gorgeous, happy and done a lot of things and maybe have some money saved too…” Gun Roswell, age 4

“Now that I am all grown up, I feel I have only grown wider and none the smarter without a clue of what will come next and there will be no looking in the mirror, especially in the mornings without all that war make up!” Gun Roswell, age 54

Dreams and the Truth

When some little kid says they want to be everything and everyone when they grow up
I look at the child, with eyes too wide and then finally huff and puff
To be honest, shooting down someone’s hopes and dreams
May be the ultimate revenge an older person with a life filled with regret might seek
But alas, after some contemplation, maybe it’s better to not give a revelation
Rather let the kid have their dreams without hesitation
As we all learn later on, the moment of truth will come
And the path planned and dreamed
Never really is what all that and often specially what seemed
With the eyes of a very small child
When all the world, is still, so open and wide