Signs of our times

“These are the signs of the times” Gun Roswell

Signs of our times

The sign said “Today is, a great day, for shopping”
Now, did not hat make you pause for a stopping?
Enter a store, for something special to score
Maybe something to adore, something even more?

But did you not already have everything you needed or wanted?
Is there a need for more of the fortunes to squander?
It really makes this one person wonder
Why you would need the more and not just the one thing

“No entry this way!”
Much to my anger and dismay
The sign of today
Did not leave much of a choice to play

“No, never, not”
These words twisting you into a tight knot
The negativity filling the clear air
Feeling the rise of all my skin hair

All of a sudden, the taste too musky, the air too misty
Throat and stomach a twisting
No clear air for breathing
I am getting that all consuming sinking feeling

The signs of our times
Sometimes, make you smile
But more than often
The missing of soften
Leaves you hard and hollow
And in utter and complete sorrow