Blue and the Parasol

“Under the shining sun, beside the blue seas, my parasol and I, sleep” Gun Roswell

Blue and the Parasol

The sun”s shine beckoned with its shiny warmth
To come and lay down on the sand covered sea shore
Where the ever changing blues are the colours of all
And time itself has come to a complete and utter halt

When stepping into the bare and fine stand for the first time
I cannot help but to be amazed of the beauty and then crack a smile
Feeling so tiny in this place open and totally wide
As even the critters beside me are so completely kind

Side by side, me and natural inhabitants coexist
As the calming effect of the sea and the skies me enlist
The other side of the world no longer matters or exist
As me and my parasol have laid a claim this spot of pure bliss

From sunrise to sunset , myself I let
This gorgeous natural resort leave me with an effect
Of calm, unhurried, never too worried kind of specs
Who knows, I may stay here until the time of my final rest