High Voltage

“Non d’électricité, Monsieur” Gun Roswell

High Voltage

Hey, look up, over there, in the high skies
What is that, which up there, in the air, flies?

It’s the lifeline of each and every dweller
Brought to every one by the highest of sellers

What kind of life giving miracle is it then
That makes so much of our meager earnings spend?

It’s the kind, which without you would most likely do just fine
But all them unneeded gadgets would never work
And then, you would feel such an odd jerk

Oh, so lemme get this straight:
If I buy the magic juicy from them lines over there
I get to use all my gadgets without scare
Of ever running out of electricity
As t least, not in the big city

That’s right, so do not against the machine fight
After all, this is how we run things here on this big blue ball

Excellent, that’s money well spent
On all these toys and things I really don’t need
Just to be happy, liked and out there to be seen

Note to reader:
There may just be a lesson here to be learnt or then not
But me, well, I just ran out of juice to write and must myself into the socket plug